Designing a Dream Kitchen for Mom

Hey kids, yes you! Have you caught mom dreaming about a new kitchen? Do you wish you could steer mom in the right direction or at least help her with the questions she should ask to get started on the journey to make that kitchen dream a reality? Let’s take a quick and easy look at four necessary areas which will begin the kitchen design process in an organized way.


kitchen floorplan by Susan SerraFirst and foremost, who cooks in the household? Sometimes an existing kitchen design makes it difficult for others to join in the cooking process. Now is the time to help mom think carefully about how she would like to CHANGE your cooking habits. Change is good! Does your household need specific work zones for a second chef or a helper, perhaps a child? A prep sink or coffee station? How can mom’s life be made easier in the kitchen as she and others move about the space?

Take a look at your current countertops and storage situation. Now is also the time to evaluate what is really needed to access quickly and function efficiently. In other words, clear out the clutter and don’t look back!open kitchen floorplan

Appliances, how we love thee. Right size your home and your life by only purchasing the appliance size that meets your family’s needs. Too small is frustrating and too large is wasteful in several ways. Look for Energy Star appliances and save money and energy.


More and more, the kitchen is a social space. Many activities previously left to the den, family rooms, and bedrooms are happening in the kitchen. We want comfort when we socialize with one another in and around the kitchen. Soft furnishings, a large enough island designed for family and friends, not just function, are magnets to enjoyable social interaction. Lighting on dimmers to set a mood expands the kitchen into a lovely dining space. Yes, the kitchen can be comfortable and mom surely deserves that!


kitchen design by susan serraEco friendly materials will protect the air quality of the kitchen and the home. Proper cooktop ventilation will remove air of cooking toxins, an important function to prevent toxins from settling on surfaces both soft and hard. I love the new electronic kitchen faucets which turn on with a tap of a rist…especially when mom’s hands have been mixing the meatloaf! Appliance technology from steamers to speed cookers to induction cooktops and jumbo electric grills encourage healthy eating. New refrigeration technology goes farther than ever in preserving food.


First question for mom: How long will the family be in this house, this kitchen? If over 5 years, then look a bit less at resale and more toward personalizing the kitchen. Mom should express herself in this most important space to truly enjoy the time spent, sometimes doing mundane tasks we all must do. Take cues from surrounding rooms in terms of style and color. Connect the kitchen’s style to other rooms to create a flow. A “utilitarian” style kitchen or more of a gracious kitchen “room” environment? Surely, mom will have opinions!

Dream kitchen? Mom’s almost there!

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