Easy Tips to Boost your Android’s Battery Life

woman with smart phoneMaybe the single most common complaint about Android smartphones is their short battery life. If you’re constantly looking around for a power outlet to recharge or even find yourself carrying around a spare battery, you’ll appreciate these simple ways to make your Android’s battery last longer between charges.

Turn the brightness down

It goes without saying that a brighter screen burns battery faster. In fact, the display is usually the number one factor draining your phone’s battery. You can slide the brightness down under Settings > Display > Brightness.

Shorten the screen timeout

There’s no need for the screen to be on when you’re not looking at it, is there? Lower the screen timeout in Settings > Display > Screen timeout, and the screen will go to sleep quicker after you stop using it. If you read ebooks and don’t want the screen to turn off in the middle of a book, most ereader apps have an option in their own settings to increase the screen timeout or keep the screen always on.

Turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

If you use your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features a lot, you know they can drain your battery quickly. If you leave the Wi-Fi on when you’re not using it, it will constantly be looking around for a network to connect to, severely hurting your battery life. You can turn these off when not in use under Settings > Wireless & networks.

Turn off your GPS when not in use

If you think your phone’s GPS is costing you battery power, most Android phones have an option to turn it off under Settings > Location & security (or Location services on some phones).

Use the Power Control widget

Android’s built-in Power Control widget can save you plenty of hassle looking around in the settings trying to save battery power. You can toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile data, change the screen timeout and brightness, and more with a single touch. The Power Control widget can be set up to use as many or as few buttons as you like.

Put your phone on Airplane mode

“Airplane mode” disables all of your phone’s wireless connections, since some think these may not be safe to use on board aircraft. It’s not just useful on an airplane, though – turn it on the next time you’re somewhere where your phone can’t find a signal, such as a subway or basement. Otherwise, your phone will keep trying to contact a cell tower, burning up a huge amount of battery power in the process. The airplane mode toggle is in Settings > Wireless and networks.

Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data

When you’re using the Internet, it’s better  to connect to a Wi-Fi network if you have one, since using mobile data costs a lot more battery power than Wi-Fi. Better yet, wait to visit your favorite websites until you have access to Wi-Fi or a computer.

Lose the live wallpaper

Your phone will lose plenty of battery power keeping a live wallpaper running if you use one. Swap it out for regular wallpaper. Widgets on the desktop will also burn your battery, so remove any widgets you don’t really need.

Keep your phone cool

A hot battery will drain faster than a room-temperature one, so don’t leave your phone in direct sunlight. Some cases also trap heat, so it might help to take it off, especially during charging, when the battery heats up the most.


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  1. These are great tips. I'm guilty of every single one of these, except the live wallpaper.


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