Escape the Winter: Finding Luggage that Works for You

Are you ready to escape the winter weather and venture someplace warm and sunny? Spring break can’t come soon enough, because for most of us, the cold, the slush and the dry air seems to make these first few months of 2012 drag on. While you look forward to getting away and begin to prepare for your trip, have you taken a moment to really look at your luggage? Winter may take its toll on you, but traveling takes its toll on your luggage. If you are ready to travel in style, it’s time to say goodbye to those old, beat up bags and find some new luggage that works for you!

What should you look for?  Purchasing luggage really isn’t that difficult a task.  Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction and help you find that perfect bag to meet all of your travel needs.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Don’t make the mistake of purchasing luggage over the internet.  Besides incurring ridiculous shipping costs, there is a chance that you might not like the product once you receive it in the mail.  There are several different factors to consider when determining if a piece of luggage is right for you – weight, size and ease of handling – all things that can’t be tested over the internet.

SIZE: Which size bag you settle on all depends on your travel needs.  For weekend jaunts, a bag that conforms to the overhead baggage size restrictions will make checking in and exiting the airport easier.  Sitting around and waiting for your bag to show up on the baggage carousel wastes a lot of time.  If you can streamline your packing, then opt for a carry-on size bag.  Typically, carry-on bags should not exceed 9 x 14 x 22 inches.

WEIGHT: Be picky about the weight of your bag, because a carry-on will be up to 25 pounds heavier when you travel.  If it’s too bulky for you to lift above your head in the store, then you certainly won’t be able to lift it into the overhead compartment.  Same hold true for checked luggage – you need to remember that you have to life your bag in and out of the car as well as off the baggage carrousel.  The lighter the bag, the easier this is on your back!

WHEELS: A bag without wheels is big mistake.  Nowadays, most bags are outfitted with wheels to make getting around so much easier.  The only question is whether to stick with the fixed wheels or to look for wheels that swivel 360°.  Swivel wheels allow you to take sharp turns more easily, but your options for luggage are limited.

Whatever your luggage needs, Sears has many high-quality options to choose from.  Start browsing here and once you have narrowed down your selection, make a trip to your nearest store and take the bag for a spin.


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  1. Although it's not rocket science, I have been made more aware of how to dertermine which luggage would be appropriate for me. Trying to lift it above my head in the store really made sense. Guess, it not enough to choose luggage because of color or to impress someone with the brand name.I will definitely keep in mind the shared information I am also elated that Sears Store at Pearlridge Shopping Center, Aiea HI. will still be a part of our island.

  2. Our local store was closing and running a sale. I was in need of new dishwasher and took advantage of the sale. I always wanted to eventually switch my appliances to stainless steel and I did just that. I absolutely it and it's so quiet that you don't even know that it's runnng. I love all the different angles where the water shoots out and love the turbo wash. This Kenmore Elite is EXCELLENT and I would highly recommend it.

  3. I was in need of a second freezer for the garage, I am in the food business. the Sears store was able to fix me up with a product that I needed at the cost that I could afford. I was able to secure a scratch and dented unit, as it was just for the garage and it worked out great.

  4. OMG I adore the luggage featured on the home page. This one so cute!


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