Expand Your Business Outfits for Fall

JBS--Women's-Knit-DressFall business attire for women should be appropriate for the season as well as the setting. That doesn’t mean you should dress in fallen leaf orange or bright gold from top to toe, though. When you are choosing new items to expand your wardrobe, you should plan ahead. Pay attention to the season subtly, with an eye-catching scarf, a soft bright blouse or a brilliant blazer, while making the foundation of your wardrobe versatile clothes you can enjoy all year.

A businesswoman’s fall wardrobe

Your fall wardrobe has to work as hard as you do. So choose clothes you can wear in many ways, and for many occasions. Easy care is always a bonus, and be sure to choose something fun, too, to cheer you up on a tough day.

Divine Apparel has a cute three-piece suit for plus-sizes that is versatile and flattering. It comes in fall colors like gold and burgundy and also in year-round colors like blue and black that you can easily dress up for fall with a seasonal pin or a colorful scarf in maroon or teal blue.

The business clothes you wear show you’re serious about the work you do. A wool blend blazer, for example, takes a serious approach without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. You can pair it with tweedy or textured pants, or with a straight skirt, and you’ll have a variety of business-appropriate looks. A poplin or synthetic blouse, whether in soft burgundy or fall gold, will go nicely with this.

Whatever your office considers appropriate wear, it’s always wise to look like you mean business. You know people are more likely to listen to you when you do. But you can still show you have a sense of fun, perhaps by accenting your sober business clothes with a pop of fall color like in these exquisite gold leaf earrings.

satchel-blackFall fashion for the working woman

Of course, you’re not always at work, it just feels that way. Here’s a gold dress you can wear for dressy occasions, with a softly draped line that lets you look your best. Add some sparkly earrings and a pair of kicky heels, and your evening look is complete. Accessories are important when choosing fall business attire for women, too. You’ve put away your summer linen and straw, and it’s time for leather or synthetic bags and shoes again. Camel, tan and burgundy are naturals in fall, and you can wear them all year.

Your accessories don’t have to be matchy-matchy anymore, but they should have the same general style. So, you wouldn’t wear your cowboy boots with this sleek satchel, at least not when you’re dressed for work in your new outfits for fall.


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