Five Easy Room Makeovers

Shed Some Light

Bring fresh perspective to any room, but especially darker rooms, by adding a bit of lighting.  With just one extra table lamp or floor lamp, you can add warmth and brightness to shadowy corners.  Think your room’s got enough glow already?

Swap out a dull bowl fixture for a mini chandelier like the Hunter Lighting Group Bow Collection ($230) or a pendant lamp like this Aztec Lighting Brushed Nickel Pendant ($70).  If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for a quirkier light fixture to give guests an unexpected surprise.

Flower Power

Add color and sweet smells to any room with one or two potted plants.  If you need something low maintenance, look for aloe, African violet, philodendron, snake plant or arrowhead vine.  Or, if you want no-maintenance instead of low maintenance, check out faux floral options like the Nearly Natural Triple Mini Orchid Flower Arrangement ($36).

Picture This

Chances are, you’ve already got a few framed photos around your home, but you can really set the tone of any room by setting the tone of the photos you display.  By scanning old photos or taking your digital camera’s memory card to any photo center, you can choose from a variety of options to alter a photo’s mood.

Add drama and elegance by converting color prints to black and white and putting them in this sleek black frame ($15).  Give a space a more traditional feel by going with sepia prints of old family portraits in something like this Hamlin Memories Frame ($10).  Or, put a modern spin on photo displays with more current candid shots in trendy frames and albums.

Get Creative with Color

Though it’s more time intensive, one of the most inexpensive and dramatic ways to change any room is a new paint color.  It doesn’t have to be the entire room—try anchoring one wall with a burst of an unexpected shade, or get really creative and add detail.

To make low ceiling seem higher, try thin vertical stripes using the Craftsman 48 in. Aluminum Level ($25).  If you have an artistic side, go for geometric shapes or your own design, using Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape ($5.30) for line work.  Our interior paint reviews can help you choose the best brand for your room’s function.

Make a Move

By simply rearranging furniture, a room can be completely transformed.  If it’s been more than a year since you rearranged your room’s layout, try a new floor plan.  Take out a few items to make the space feel more open, or import a piece from another room in the house to change things up without having to make a major purchase.  Want to rearrange but afraid of the strain on tired muscles and backs?  Let this 2-in-1 Cart Dolly with 400 pound capacity do some of the heavy lifting for you!


What are your favorite ways to change the look of a room?  Let us know by writing a comment below!


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  1. Add bright shears behind, or instead o,f the thermal curtains of winter.


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