Garage Shelving Ideas

Garage storage has come a long way since the old days of standard shelf brackets and metal wire racks. Now, you can creatively explore many ways to repurpose and reuse objects to get the most out of your garage configuration. However, there are plenty of instances when good old-fashioned shelves are exactly what you need for your garage. Garage shelving doesn’t have to be boring in order to do the job, which is why you can choose between many different styles for your garage shelves. Ideas abound when you think outside the box.

Plain shelving

Standard shelving is a basic option that still holds true for many handymen and tinkerers alike. Nothing beats a shelf when it comes to storing paint cans or other items that need to be stored on a level surface. Track and bracket systems allow you to change and customize your shelves as your needs differ over time. Floating shelves look stylish in a sleek, garage-based man cave. And standard shelves on regular brackets are sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Hidden shelving

For a garage that looks completely neat and tidy, it’s best to tuck away even the items that must rest on shelving. This is easily done via mounted cabinets or even stand-alone structures. Cabinet doors are great for hiding the mess and giving you a surface on which to hang project notes or shopping lists as well. Add chalkboard paint to the outside of your cabinet shelves for a dynamic and creative storage option.

Deep shelving       

Sometimes you need shelves with a little bit of lip on the side to keep the contents corralled while keeping them level and in plain sight at the same time. Repurposed window planters make great storage shelves that also double as bins. This creative shelving option is affordable and easy to install with a few simple screws.

Mobile shelving

If you use your garage as a working carpentry studio or car repair site, you may wish to move your tools around as you work around the shop. In this case, you may wish to opt for mobile stand-alone shelving on casters or wheels. This way, you can move your shelves exactly where you need them every time. If you already own stand-alone garage shelving, you can easily convert it to mobile shelving by attaching wheels to the bottom of each leg.

It’s easy to get your garage in shape when you hang and organize your power tools throughout the space. Garage shelving can keep things visible and easily accessible in the midst of an organized oasis to help you can save time and keep everything in sight day after day.


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