Get Started on Back to School Prep

Back-to-school-shoppingIt may still be summer, but it’s not too early to start getting ready for the new school year. Back-to-school prep includes sorting through closets and drawers to determine which school clothes still fit and if any leftover supplies can be reused for the new school year.

Essential school clothes

While every kid has her or his own opinion on what may be appropriate for back-to-school outfits, parents know that quality basics work best and offer the most versatility. Kids who don’t have to wear a uniform to school will need basics such as jeans, shirts, shoes and even shorts for warmer-weather days.

A pair of flat-front khakis from Dockers can be worn throughout the school year for special-occasion days such as band performances and honors nights. If your school wears uniforms, shop online for the best selection of slacks, polo-style shirts, button-down shirts, jumpers and skirts for your kids.


Consider casual wear such as polo-style shirts for boys from Canyon River Blues or a cool layered look with the Route 66 boy’s shirt plus graphic tee — both casual styles can be worn with jeans, cargo shorts or khakis. When back-to-school shopping, don’t forget a warm hoodie for chilly autumn mornings. There are of styles available in both pullover and zip-up varieties.


When back-to-school clothes shopping with your girl, consider establishing a few rules before setting out. Be specific: Tell her how many pairs of jeans, shorts and tops she can buy and remind her that you have the final word on each item.

Girls-jean-shortsThere are a large selection of school-friendly, age-appropriate clothing for girls including embellished jeans from Rewind Girls and Bongo skinny jeans in fun, bright colors. Choose colored and patterned tops to mix and match with jeans, capris and shorts. A classically styled polo shirt can be dressed up with a pleated skirt for a recital night or dressed down with a pair of Vanilla Star denim shorts for the playground.


Kids grow out of shoes almost faster than they grow out of their jeans and tees. For back-to-school, your child may need a new pair of casual shoes or a pair of athletic shoes to wear for organized sports. Consider colorful and sassy flats for girls from Joe Boxer, Bongo and Sketchers. Each can be worn with shorts, skirts or jeans. Boys may like a new pair of Chuck Taylors or sneakers featuring their favorite Marvel characters for younger boys.


Kids need backpacks, messenger bags, lunch boxes (bags) and other supplies each year as they head back to school. To avoid backpack injuries or back pain, choose a backpack that fits your child. The backpack should not extend as low as the child’s thighs; the bottom of the backpack should rest comfortably at the lower back. Choose backpacks with wider straps to ease shoulder strain and tell your child to always wear the backpack over both shoulders. Wearing it slung over just one shoulder may lead to upper-back pain and extra strain on the neck and shoulders.


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