Great gift ideas for mom for Mother’s day!

by Janet Grischy

Great gifts for mom on Mother’s Day have personal meaning that speaks to her heart. Find a gift that’s a keeper by thinking about your mom’s personal style. Then, add a touch of sentiment, with personalization or just a touch of fantasy.

Mother's ringMother’s Day gifts with personality

A mother’s ring is a classic choice for Mother’s Day. If your mom doesn’t have one yet, look through all the choices in family jewelry, until you find the one that matches her style. This ring is perfect — it’s simple and unfussy and is in a style she can wear with everything. If you don’t know her ring size, look here, or choose a family jewelry pendant or bracelet. Every mom secretly wants a piece of sentimental family jewelry she can wear all year long.

Gift ideas for moms who love coffee

Dancing fairies coffee mug setIf your mom loves to relax with coffee or tea, this sweet set of mugs could be just what she wants. It features her own set of dancing fairies, and they’re guaranteed to make her smile. She will think of you every time she sips when you get her this darling set of mugs. Consider coffee- and tea-making appliances, too, in lots of different colors and styles.


Gifts for moms who love their family

Tree of life photo treeA family tree frame is the perfect gift for moms who love to show off family photos. This bronze finished tree will let your mom make the most of your school photos, with its perfectly sized frames. It wipes clean and makes a charming accent she’ll enjoy every day.

Thinking up a great gift for mom isn’t so hard — just think of gifts that suit her personality, come with a personal touch and show her how much you love her.


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      • San Jose, CA

    If you want to be remembered for years to come, get'm a pink piece of tool storage to keep their tools organized and possibly "locked" from the little one's or the old man.

    I've seen some interesting pinkies at the store.

    You've got a Craftsman open access canvas tote, that's pink with grey trim.

    Then there's the Craftsman steel, multi-drawered tool box.

    And, finally a well constructed, substantial Pink Tools storage unit roll chest and top chest on display at many stores.

    At the store I visit often, the pink deal is right... next to the neon green storage units.

    That's one cavalcade of color!

    Now, mom will be able to find a screwdriver or hammer when she needs to use one.


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