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From March 6-8, I will be at the International Home + Housewares Show looking for the latest in products and trends. Get my nightly recaps here at MySears.

Today I thought it’d be fun to write more about the design and trend side of the Housewares Show, which there definitely has been a lot of. Pantone has an exhibit on color trends for 2012, and today I heard their Color Expert, Lee Eiseman, explain the 9 color palettes they selected in more detail. After the presentation, I started seeing these trends all over the show floor!

Resilience – This one’s all-natural, with earth tones, eco-friendly materials and a bit of ruggedness. At Sears, we’ve definitely seen a trend in storage and organization towards these kind of wicker baskets. Oh, and according to Lee, mushroom motifs are making a resurgence in 2012.


Subtleties - More of a mid-tones color palette that’s subdued, but the colors blend beautifully together.


Transcending Time – My favorite, mostly because I love the light pinks and purples on these delicate-looking dishes. Lee said her team looks at movies for future trends, and this one came directly from the set decor in The King’s Speech. It’s simultaneously a throwback to the past, but these products have an ability to last into the future, too.

Transcending Time

Reflections - This palette speaks more to finishes than colors, but those play just as important a role, in my opinion. Shiny surfaces and chrome are starting to be “in” – a trend that one large luggage vendor we met attests to in their own products. High gloss finishes are picking up in sales.


Nouveau Neon – This palette reminded me a lot of the Nouveau Bohemian trend our Kmart Design Team spotted for 2012 a while back. They narrowed in on a specific style, but some of the colors identified in that trend are the exact same. Lee described it as a shade less phosphorescent than the neons we typically think of, but there are definitely bright yellows, oranges, pinks and even blues that just pop and grab people’s attention.

Nouveau Neon

Nonchalance - This one captures the overall trend these days towards the casual. No more formal dinners: it’s more about quality time with the people you care about. It’s presentable but laid back.


Back to the Fuchsia – What with Honeysuckle being the Pantone Color of 2011, of course there was a color palette representing the pinks, from burgundy to fuchsia. A lot of my wardrobe is already in these colors, so I’m a little biased. Lee recommended pairing fuchsia-colored products with peridot green, which really go well together (kind of like they do in nature).

Back to the Fuchsia

The Comics – This was a fun trend to see. It made me smile, so maybe Lee was onto something when she said this was inspired mostly by young people who are embracing anime, comic books and pop art. The key is bright, vibrant colors that pop, always with a black thrown in, toning down something that’s “for kids” and venturing into that darker color palate you see in the newer animated films coming out (think “How To Train Your Dragon”). The most interesting aspect of this pallet, in my opinion, was that Lee said sometimes all these colors will clash, but the young people who inspired it don’t mind.

The Comics

Indigo Effects – I like this beautiful deep indigo color, especially with the shiny finish. It’s very elegant and, as Lee said, taps into this darker side of life that we’re seeing a lot more in films and ads these days: Black Swan, Little Red Riding Hood (in theatres soon), etc.

Indigo Effects

So these are my thoughts on Pantone’s predictions for 2012, but what do you think? Any big surprises? Do you agree or disagree?


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