How to Boost Your Home’s Security

Sleeping-soundlyWhen considering how to protect your home and your belongings, it’s important to remember that much of home security is dependent on what measures you have in place far in advance of any actual threat occurring.

With the proper equipment in place ahead of time, your risk of losing your belongings to theft or burglary can be greatly reduced. Key items like these that you can install yourself can drastically increase the security of your home.

Triple-head-security-lightSecurity lights

Motion-sensor security lights are a great way to deter prowlers and burglars hoping to gain entry to your home or even just steal items from your yard. When a person approaches the area protected by the security light, it automatically turns on and bathes the area in bright light.

Most security lights have adjustable motion sensors that you can aim in any direction for the best coverage of a specific area. A great example is the 270-Degree Motion Activated Triple Head Halogen Security Light, shown above.

Swann-Home-Wireless-security-systemSecurity systems

A security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home from burglars. These systems use a variety of sensors and a main control center to monitor your home and ensure that it remains safe and secure. The system can be activated whenever you leave your home, or it can be set automatically for nighttime, waking you if anyone attempts to enter your home during the night.

Security systems are available with professional monitoring for a low monthly fee, or you can monitor the system yourself and call authorities if a break-in or other emergency occurs. The Swann Home Wireless Alarm System, shown above, provides self-monitoring security with the ease of installation of a DIY system. Some systems can be programmed to automatically call your cell phone or any other number to inform you of a security alert, such as the Shield Tech Security Wireless Alarm Security System with Auto-Dialer.


If you’re dealing with an especially brave burglar who is willing to set off a security system to rob a home, it’s wise to equip your house with a home safe. A safe can keep your most expensive items like jewelry, cash and other valuables secure and protected from most burglars. A great option is the First Alert Digital Fire Theft Dial Lock Safe, shown at right. It features a digital entry system, providing a passcode that only you know to ensure safe storage of your valuables from both burglary and fire.


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