How to Choose the Best Big-Screen TV for You

big screen tvby Barb Hopkins

Movies, sports and video games become more intense and enjoyable when viewed on a big screen TV. A big screen television can elevate a simple family or living room to the next level as an entertainment room — a place to gather with family and friends to cheer a favorite team or share a movie night without having to sit among strangers at the cinema or a crowded sports bar.

LED, LCD and Plasma TVs

The LED (light-emitting diode) television is a very thin TV that uses less energy than a LCD or plasma style. Its picture quality is sharp, but its viewing angle may be more limited than a plasma TV.

The LCD, or liquid-crystal display, television does not radiate direct light. Instead, it’s lit by a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). LCD TVs offer comparable picture quality with the LED style. For the best clarity when watching action sequences or sporting events, opt for an LCD set with 120Hz or 240Hz technology. This allows for a faster refresh of the picture.

A plasma TV, although thicker than the LED and LCD TVs, offers some of the sharpest pictures you can view on a television set. You won’t see pixels, and it has one of the fastest picture refresh rates (faster than the LCD), making it an ideal choice for watching the biggest game of the year.

Size Matters

For big game viewing days, such as the Super Bowl, you and your guests will appreciate a larger screen. When choosing a big screen television for your home, size is important. Consider LED and LCD TVs from 40 to 50 inches or a plasma screen television as large as 65 inches. Did you know plasma TVs can measure as large as 103 inches? At that size, you’ll feel as if you’re on the field with your favorite team!

When considering what size TV to buy, be sure to measure your space, including the space between seating and where the television will be placed. The Home Cinema Guide suggests a minimum viewing distance of 5 feet for a 40-inch TV and a minimum viewing distance of 7.5 feet for a 60-inch TV.

Full HD

Television programming continues to evolve, and more providers now offer HD, or high-definition, channels. Select a big screen TV with 1080p resolution in order to enjoy full HD. This level of resolution eliminates the graininess sometimes experienced when sitting too close to a large screen TV. With 1080p resolution, your big screen TV picture will be ultra-sharp, allowing you to see every detail with clarity — that includes the beads of sweat on your favorite player’s brow.


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