How to Connect Your Computer to Your TV Using Bluetooth

How to Connect Your Computer to Your TV Using BluetoothModern televisions can be used to do much more than watch your favorite programs or play video games. Internet connectivity, show recording and data storage options abound with any new TV set, making it a central component for a home entertainment system.
Getting the most from your TV, however, requires connecting it to, and controlling it with, a computer. Fortunately, this can be done quickly and easily with a television set equipped with Bluetooth technology.
tabletLinking your laptop or tablet with your TV allows you to stream media like music and video files to get higher quality sound and pictures on playback. You can also store files for playing later. Depending on your TV, you may even be able to use your computer to change channels, adjust settings and install updates on your television.
Follow these three steps to connect your computer to your TV using Bluetooth.

Enable Bluetooth on your TV

Set your TV’s Bluetooth option to “Discoverable.” If you’re not sure how to do this, consult the owner’s manual or call customer support. Almost all modern TVs offer Bluetooth connectivity, but procedures for switching it on vary from set to set.

Add a device

Next, turn on your computer and find the “Add a Device” option by opening the Control Panel menu and selecting Hardware and Sound. The computer will then search for nearby devices. This may take a minute or two, so be patient. If the computer fails to find your TV, it’s possible that the signal is too weak. Make sure the computer is close enough to the television, then try this step again. Once the computer finds your TV, click Next. The two devices will connect to each other automatically.

Follow additional steps displayed on your TV screen

flat screenYour TV may then prompt you to follow a number of steps to secure the connection with your computer. Following those additional steps can prevent your neighbors or hackers from tapping into the signals passing between your devices without your consent and taking control of your television or computer.
Integration allows you to use today’s technology to its greatest potential. This is especially true for the components of your home entertainment system. By using your television set’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can begin controlling your TV through your computer and have a fully integrated system that is the envy of your family and friends.


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