How to get wax out of carpet

No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen. When it comes to your carpet, this is probably the rule rather than the exception. It takes a beating from regular foot traffic, kids, pets and accidents. While some things are easy to remove from carpet, other items can be tough. For example, wax can really latch onto all the fibers in your carpet and be stuck there for a long time. However, getting wax out of your carpet doesn’t have to be an impossible task when you follow the right steps. In fact, you can have your floor clean in minutes with just a few simple tools.

Tool #1: Ice

If the wax is still warm, the easiest way to get it cleaned up is to freeze it. Once the wax is solid, you can peel it up. If you try to rub the wax while it is warm, you may just rub it into the carpet further. To freeze the wax, simply grab an ice cube out of your freezer and hold it up to the wax until it becomes completely cool and solid. Then, peel the wax off your floor by hand.

Tool #2: Scraper and comb

If the wax is cool and solid, you should be able to scrape most of it off of your carpet fibers without the need for other tools or harsh chemicals. Use a scraper or small knife to remove large chunks of wax. You may notice that smaller particles remain in some carpet fibers; if this is the case, use a fine-toothed comb to remove the small bits. Wax may stick to fibers, but it easily will come off with the proper scraping tools in hand.

Tool #3: Iron

Even with the most meticulous scraping, some wax particles may still remain on your carpet fibers. To remove these, you will have to gather a two items:

  • An iron
  • Some paper, like a paper towel or an old paper bag

First, place the paper over the wax and heat up your iron to a medium-high setting. Run the iron gently over the paper, allowing the wax to melt. The wax will melt into the paper, keeping your iron clean and pulling the remaining wax from your carpet fibers. You may have to repeat these steps once or twice for a particularly bad wax spill, but it should work on just about any mess.

Tool #4: Carpet cleaner

After you have used all of the above tactics, you may find that some color residue still remains on the carpet. To remove this, use a commercial carpet cleaning solution. With the wax gone, a professional-grade cleaning product will be able to access and remove the stain, leaving your carpet as beautiful as it was before the wax ever hit it.


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