How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

by Holly Hammond

Every year, millions of homeowners are forced to face the inevitable: Spring-cleaning. We dig a little deeper in our cleaning repertoire to ensure the house is sparkling clean and expertly organized. No dust molecule can hide from the expert cleaner’s eye and no appliance is left unturned in the hopes of starting the spring off right. But what about all the stuffiness that comes with being cooped up all winter? How do you clean and refresh the air in your home to be as pure as the rest of the house? Here are a few tips that will help improve your home’s air quality and ensure crisp clean air to complement your newly spring cleaned home.

Vacuumingmother holding baby girl

Sure, vacuuming is part of your normal cleaning routine. But how much dust does your vacuum actually pick up? Chances are your normal sweeping routine is missing out on a lot of the dirt and allergens that can create a hotspot for poor air quality. Consider switching to a more powerful vacuum like a Dyson. Dyson’s advanced technology makes for cleaner air by picking up more dirt and dust and pushing out more breathable air. Working with a greener vacuum cleaner will help eliminate the asthma causing allergens plaguing your home.

Carpet cleaning

Most homeowners rely on wet carpet cleaning to keep their carpet looking new. Did you know that a carpet shampooing can actually press dirt down into your carpet, making it more dirt-ridden over time? The machines used with shampooing do a fine job of surface cleaning your carpet, but they also will never touch the layer of dirt close to the padding. The dirt that soaks into your carpet pad can hoard allergens and mites that cause poor air quality. Instead of getting your next shampoo, invest a little extra into a dry carpet cleaning. The dry process uses a machine that circulates green-certified products through your carpet, picking up the dust and allergens other cleanings can leave behind.  Search for a local dry carpet cleaning company that can eliminate some of the filth contaminating your air.


It’s common practice to check your HVAC systems regularly, but when was the last time you actually cleaned your ventilation system? If the air in your home is filled with mites and allergens, chances are your ventilation system is caked with dirt and dust. Every time you crank the heat (or the air conditioning) you’re pumping filth into your home’s air. Eliminate the problem by cleaning your system once a year and changing your air filters regularly. Once filters are full, excess dirt can run into your systems creating a dust-infested film on the inside of your vents. When the temperatures allow you to turn them off, hire an HVAC professional to do a thorough cleaning of the inside of your vents. Dirt-free vents will pump clean air throughout your home, eliminating the amount of allergens floating around.


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