How to Take Better Photos from your Camera

A number of easy-to-use cameras have features that will help you be a better photographer. Imagine that you never have another blurred shot (if you don’t want it), or a portrait that is composed the way a professional might shoot the picture. But, if you never venture past taking photos on the auto setting of your camera, you may miss many features that enable you to take pictures beyond your own abilities. Choosing a scene can automatically change camera settings for the best Landscape, Portrait or Sports. Many camera have Scene settings for specific situations that may include a Macro mode for extreme close-ups, a scene to create beautiful photos of autumn leaves, of brilliant flower colors, and more.

Explore your camera to see if it has other features that automatically improve photos. Look through the menus for odd-named features and you may find that your camera can shoot beautiful photography that will make you look like a professional photographer. The Nikon 1 and Sony NEX-5R (and newer) are two models with features that will give your photography a boost.

 No more blurred photos

When shooting photos in low-light situations (e.g., indoor or evening shots), the camera must have a slow shutter speed. Keeping the shutter open often results in blurring because the subject of your photo (person or object) has moved, or because you have moved the camera. While many cameras have a setting to reduce camera shake, or have an anti-blur that simply changes the ISO light sensitivity to shoot at faster speeds, the Sony and Nikon take it much further to ensure that your photo isn’t blurry.

Anti Motion Blur- This feature is found in the menu of the Sony Alpha NEX-5r mirrorless cameras. With Anti Motion Blur turned on, the camera shoots six photos and combines them in layers to create a photo that is clear and without noticeable blurring. I’ve shot a fashion show with no flash and the models came out perfectly.

Best Moment Capture Mode & Smart Photo Selector— This is Nikon’s version of an anti-blur feature that lets you choose your favorite shot. By pressing down the shutter halfway to focus, and then pressing and holding the shutter down halfway again, it activates Best Moment

Capture on the Nikon 1. The camera shoots a series of photos for 1.33 seconds. At the end of the capture time, the photos are slowly displayed in a slideshow. When you see the photo you like best, press the shutter button all the way down.

 Live View Blur – This Nikon 1 feature doesn’t remove the blur, but it does let you know exactly what your photos will look like. When looking at the LCD screen to shoot a photo, many cameras can show you the exposure (i.e., whether the photo will be too dark or bright), and the depth of field (i.e., what will be in focus). Live View Blur also shows you what objects are moving that will be blurred in the final photo. This allows you to eliminate the blur by putting the camera in the speed priority mode, and choosing a faster shutter speed.

Let your camera teach you how to take better photos

To make it easier to find the right settings, you’ll find an item called “shooting tip list” in the menu of Sony Alpha NEX cameras. Look through items for basic techniques, portraits, landscapes, night scenes, close-up macros, buildings, moving water, avoiding washed out photos, shooting in aquariums, and more. Follow the simple suggestions to improve photos for dozens of situations. Many DSLR cameras and others have a similar feature to give you photography tips or tips to use your camera by pressing an info button.

These features are only a small example of what these cameras can do. Check your camera manual to see if you have any similar features to improve your photography and test it out before you need it for a big event or exciting adventure. You may become a better

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