I can’t believe Sears sells…Volume 10

I can’t believe all of the cool Nostalgic kitchen products Sears sells!  These are super fun for both adults and kids to use for special occasions, or as a weekday treat.

The Soft Pretzel Maker is sure to be a hit for a big football party or even for an after school snack.  It will produce soft pretzels in just minutes like you get at the ballpark.

How about a Retro Hot Chocolate Maker?  Not only can this device make hot chocolate, but it will also create café lattes, tea lattes, café mochas, as well!  Easy clean up and use is a bonus that will make this a fun addition to your kitchen.

For a quick snack. try a Pigs in the Blanket maker.  Not only would this be great for parties, but also for a fast dinner between school and sports activities.  I think we would get a ton of use out of this one in our house.

What’s your favorite Nostalgic kitchen item?  Would you use one in your home?  Share your finds below!




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  1. Pretzels? I would be making these on a daily basis!

    Hot chocolate would also be a huge hit with this family!

    More items to add on the wish list! LOL

  2. Soft pretzel maker, oh my gosh! I want!!! I would also love to have a retro hot chocolate maker. So fun!


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