I can’t believe Sears sells…Volume 11

A service to shop online with mygofer!

This is a great new way to shop online in getting your shopping needs met! Shop with mygofer for your prescriptions, groceries, beauty products, clothes, shoes, electronics and a whole lot more you might not expect.

How great is that!

mygofer offers three ways to order (online, by phone, or in-store), three ways to get it (drive-thru, deliver, or in-store pickup) and 3 options for when you want to get it (now, today, or later).

Did you forget to pick up your order? No worries! Most orders are held for five business days before they are cancelled. Orders with perishable food items may be cancelled sooner. A Reminder Order Pickup e-mail will be sent to you if your order is not picked up within a 24-hour period. Please click here for further information on emails in regards to using this service.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out our FAQ page and get your questions answered!

Ready to go shopping?  Click here to browse categories!

Come and share your thoughts on using the mygofer service for we would love to hear your feedback!

Did you miss Volume 10? Please click here to view the cool Nostalgic kitchen products Sears sells!


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