I can’t believe Sears sells…Volume 16

I can’t believe the AMAZING selection of backpacks Sears carries-literally hundreds!  I was looking for new backpacks for my boys and am so happy to see so many to choose from!  They truly cover all the bases to let your school aged child show their individuality on their backs.

For your back to school elementary school student, you will find all the superhero themed backpacks-Ironman, Avengers and Spiderman are all there.   Got a music or video game fan?  Check out the Angry Birds and One Direction backpacks!

For your high schooler or college aged student, you will find a ton of practical, yet stylish, backpacks for heavy duty workloads.  High Sierra is a favorite brand with a large, multi-compartment design and a MP3 player pocket with headphone port-very necessary for kids on the go!

Need to take a load off?  Try out a rolling backpack!  These backpacks have top handles for easy transport and also are perfect as a carryon or checked luggage piece, if you need.

It is back to school shopping time, and Sears has you covered to find the best backpack that suits your school aged child’s needs!



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