I can’t believe Sears sells…Volume 18

I can’t believe Sears sells… Electronic Wine Thermometer!

This is a new one on me! Not being much of a drinker, I had no idea that there was a specific temperature that people like to drink their wine before opening the bottle or that you can even purchase a product to do so.
I figured these would be in a Wine Cellar… but quite amazing on all the different types of products for keeping the temperature for wine. They have ones that go on the corks, face plate, wireless, and of course the instrument.

Products these days completely amaze me when browsing through all the different categories and seeing how much technology has grown.

This would be a perfect gift for those who drink wine on occasion or tend to host multiple dinner parties.

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  1. This is really useful, especially for avid wine drinkers. :-D

  2. This is genius! I want one. Thanks for bring this little gem to light, Wendy!

    1. In response to laurelS

      You are most welcome! ;-)


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