I can’t believe Sears sells…Volume 19

Dune Buggies! Having just moved back to the coast and having some of the best sand dunes around, my kids and I thought it would be a great idea to think about investing in some off road fun.

Having had plenty of past experiences in riding dirt bikes, ATV quads as well as Dune buggies, we felt the Dune Buggy would be a great fit to meet the needs of our family. Either taking it in the mountains or on the dunes, what wonderful memories we could make.

This fun toy shown would be great for it will seat all four of us to head out together! With a great set of tires and wheels, roll bar, safety harness this would be a great ride.

One feature that totally shocked me on this item is that it has a CD player and two speakers!

For me, I am not sure how well the sound will be especially over the engine running while riding unless driving at a crawl.

Do you own any off road toys?

I would love to hear what your family owns and your own personal experiences when using them!

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