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The secret to a cooking process that flows in a super way is having and maintaining an organized kitchen. An organized kitchen speeds up tasks both large and small. From the simplest daily meal preparation to the most formal level of entertaining, a kitchen that is well organized makes all kitchen work processes more efficient.

To maintain an organized kitchen, periodically look inside each cabinet to remove unused items. The challenge is to take a hard look at which items are truly needed and desired. Organized storage may look very different than one imagines – it may mean that items such as pots and pans are not stacked, but are placed one next to the other for maximum convenience. If rarely or never used items are removed from deep within kitchen cabinet storage and discarded or stored elsewhere, there is a much better chance to more easily see the cooking equipment we use with more frequency, thus speeding up the entire cooking process.

kitchen knife storageStorage aids for an organized kitchen include roll out shelves in base cabinets, drawer accessories such as cutlery dividers, spice racks, knife inserts, drawer dividers and other more customized storage inserts.

Large, deep, drawers are very useful for storage as there is just one motion to gain access to kitchen equipment. Lazy susan cabinet inserts come in a great variety of designs, including turntables, double rows of rectangular shelving and kidney shaped shelving that pull out for easy access.

There are many more storage-specific built in accessories for the kitchen such as the chef’s pantry turning shelves, pull out waste containers, and can storage insert as just a few. A butcher block pull out accessories functions as a chopping block as well as a bit of extra counter space.

An organized kitchen will save time, make the cooking process more enjoyable and ensure that all cooking equipment resides in its most convenient “home.”

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