Kitchen Trends 2011 Part II

Kelly Morisseau, CMKBD, CID, author of  Kelly’s Kitchen Sync:

When asking a group of professionals in the kitchen and interior design world about kitchen design trends for 2011, I received such great information and insight that two posts on this topic were required. It is not often that such a knowledgeable group of pros come together to share their views on trends – but we have it right here on the MySears blog! Enjoy – and use this great information to plan ahead!!

The speed-cook oven, a combination of microwave, convection, and grill, has been around for a few years, but is so growing in popularity that I predict it will be a strong trend for kitchens this year.

There’s a lot to like about them: they cook in a fraction of the time of a regular oven, grill your sandwiches, proof your bread, and can still pop your popcorn. They require no pre-heating (very energy-efficient), and the convection ensures you can cook food in a fraction of the time.

But the biggest reason why I believe they’ll be a trend: we can now eliminate a second oven and microwave (as well as the toaster oven) in favor of the speed-cook oven, and recapture some of the storage. Those of you who wondered how you’d fit all the appliances into the kitchen should find this a real boon.

Cheryl Clendenon, author of Kitchen Details and Design:

I believe the trends for 2011 will continue to focus kitchen design on multi functional use
for multi generations with an eye towards simplicity in appearance, but well appointed function, layers of texture, organic materials and finally, a keener interest in the importance of lighting design.

*The kitchen has been evolving into an extension of the family room for years and will
continue to do so.

*Specialty appliances such as built in steamers or in counter steamers, speed cook ovens, targeted use refrigeration (such as drawers) will gain an edge in the overall budget over the larger than life refrigerators and ranges that can overwhelm and typically are not even used to their fullest capacity. People will start to realize the value in “specific” cooking/food storage concepts over just big, bigger, biggest. This also will lead the trends because more multi generational homes may necessitate different types of cooking for different ages and purposes, i.e. steamers for aging boomers wanting to eat healthier or speed cook ovens for busy families on the go with young kids.

*Modern styling points will still be popular with an emphasis on simplicity in design with organic materials ( maybe even eco friendly!) and less fanciful details. Textures will be emphasized. But the simplicity will not be limited to just modern aesthetics but also will be manifested in a more European feel and look such as the sensory soothing and comfortable Scandinavian design elements.

*Technology will keep moving its way into the kitchen arena as well: Computerized recipes, speed cook ovens, electronic drawer openers and faucetry designed to turn on with the simplest touch.

Guess what? There will be yet a Part III on kitchen design trends to follow next week! For more kitcheny goodness, visit me at The Kitchen Designer blog, on Twitter and on Facebook!


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  1. I was a Sears fan for many years. I purchased appliances for several homes and upfits as a real estate investor. Kenmore was always a name to look for as you knew you could count on it. That's why I looked to Sears when I renovated my kitchen in 2006. I purchased the lastest French door Kenmore refrigerator with ice and water dispenser in the door. I purchased a countertop microwave and a Kitchenaid dishwasher. Here we are just five years later and my refrigerator has failed and the microwave (already replaced once) totally quit. The refrigerator has a seal at the bottom that separates it from the freezer. That seal (just after the warranty expired) just quit sealing. To replace it and keep all of my produce from freezing and ruining within hours of placing it in the drawers, would cost over $300 - on a then 2 year old, $2700 refrigerator! The microwave had a toaster unit which quit heating the first year, and it was replaced. The following year, the rotator motor quit and now it quit heating at all. I threw it away!

    I'm sorry Kenmore and Sears integrity are a thing of the past. I have other appliances in my house (4 other refrigerators) that just won't quit.


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