Kitchen Trends 2011

A brand new year and a fresh outlook makes one wonder what’s in store for 2011? At the same time as the year turns, we find ourselves snuggled up in our homes, savoring the coziness of winter. Our home is our refuge and our kitchen serves as the hearth and heart of the home. It is the perfect time to take a moment to contemplate new directions in decorating and designing the kitchen (when the winter nap ends.)

To see where we may be headed as we think about trends for 2011, I’ve assembled a list of some of the top design professionals and purveyors of good taste to be found. I think their collective insight is right on the pulse of what is to come in kitchen design. You’ll see these great predictions of style and function for the kitchen in two separate posts.

First up, Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS, author of Gold Notes:

Appliances at Attractive Prices

*I see more high-end manufacturers producing secondary, “value” lines (as Viking did in 2009) and value packages, (a la Bosch) to capture a broader, more penny-pinching audience.

Celeb Designers!

*I predict that more celebrity designers will brand home improvement products, as Martha Stewart did with a line of cabinets at Home Depot this year.

*I expect to see more multi-purpose products hit the market, as homeowners continue to downsize.  Recent examples include Cuisinart’s blender/food processor combo and grill/griddle.  They take advantage of reduced space in smaller kitchens.  For this same reason, I predict an ongoing increase in cabinet and backsplash storage accessories.

New Countertop Materials

 *I believe we’ll start to see European porcelain and ceramic slab countertops start making inroads in the US market later this year.  These Sensible Style innovations give you the durability and versatility of tile without the maintenance of grout.

I expect to see a wider selection of those at The Living Kitchen trade show in Cologne, Germany in January and at KBIS in Las Vegas in April.  It may be 2012 or later before they start being widely available in North America.


*Finally, as the country’s mood lifts, I think we’ll see warmer, brighter colors enter the kitchen and bath marketplace — most likely in fabrics, tiles, countertops and accessories.

Leslie Clagett, author of KBCulture:

Convenient Kitchen Storage

I think we’ll continue to see an increasing reliance on base cabinets for storage; as design elements, they’re adaptable to all kinds of floor plans, open and enclosed, and they easily work around windows of any size. Drawers (as opposed to cupboards), of course, are a huge part of this picture, and will most certainly grow in popularity. Short runs of hanging cabinets are making way for either open shelving or a single, floor-to-ceiling wall of concentrated storage.

Induction Cooking Rules

As far as appliance trends go—induction cooking all the way! It’s energy-efficient, visually unobtrusive and simple to install either as part of a remodeling or new construction.

The Kitchen As The Heart Of The Home & Super Appliance Technology

Jaime Derringer, author of Design Milk: As I gathered with my family this holiday season, I noticed that kitchens are still the heart of the home. No one was gathering around the computer or the TV — the kitchen was still the central meeting place. In the next few years, I think we’ll be seeing appliances going the way that the car and the phone is going — becoming a central way to connect, like a hub. I think appliances will begin to integrate a dashboard (so to speak) where you can access the information you need, like weather apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maybe this will be in the form of an iPad dock or connector or maybe it will be software. I think this type of connectivity will make more efficient use of the time we spend in the kitchen without making us feel like we’re missing out on something.

Sounds, so far, like an interesting, vibrant, year is before us on several fronts!

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