Live Stream Every Sochi 2014 Olympics Event

Before there was live streaming video, we were limited to watching only the Olympics sports and performances that were aired on network TV. Ski runs of lesser known athletes, Australian curling teams and other obscure competitions were often overlooked in order to cover the runs of popular athletes in popular sports. NBC changed Olympic coverage in the 2012 Olympics and is doing it again for the Sochi 2014 games. Thanks to streaming live video online and on a mobile app, you will be able to see every hockey game, every figure skating performance, every ski run and more.


Four cable/satellite channels—NBCSN (NBC sports), USA, MSNBC, and CNBC—will be airing competitions around the clock, with popular athletes and medal performances to be shown on NBC. Go to NBC’s Sochi Olympics TV listings page, fill in your zip code and TV provider, and click on a day and time to see what is being shown on each channel. Coverage is being shown around the clock so you might want to be sure your DVR is set for those middle-of-the-night sports events.

This year’s coverage begins on February 6, which is the day before opening ceremonies. Some preliminary skiing, snowboarding and skating events will air in primetime and replay in the wee hours, at 1:30 am. This primetime schedule will repeat throughout the Olympics. Opening ceremonies will air 7:30 pm on February 7. The games continue until February 23.

If you don’t want to record events on your DVR, you’ll be able to live stream all of the events from the Sochi Olympics on your tablet, smartphone, or online.

NBC Sports Live Extra mobile app will stream live sports performances as well as host an archive of videos to replay. The app is free from the iTunes and Android app stores. If you have cable or satellite, you can customize the app. Choose your favorite sports and the app will notify you when a competition is being streamed. After opening the app, go to the Sports tab. Tap on the heart next the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Now go back to the home page and tap on Favorites. Tap on the settings gears icon, on the right, to set up notifications. If you miss the live stream, you can watch the replay videos or catch the spotlight videos for any sport. There are also interviews, background videos on various athletes, and more. Watch Online- beginning February 6, will stream every phase of competition from all 15 sports on the Sochi program, including every medal-winning performance in all 98 events.


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