Meet Our New Electronics Expert – Barb Gonzalez

barbThe MySears Community is proud to welcome Barb Gonzalez to the community. Barb believes that no person should be left behind when it comes to technology. Just because new devices have become part of our lives, we may not automatically understand how to make them do what we want, or even understand how to use them. Barb will make sure that you do.

The Simple Tech Guru

Barb has been nicknamed “the Simple Tech Guru”because she can explain technology in plain English, in a way that even the most technologically-challenged person can comprehend.

Barb will be contributing blogs that will help you choose and use electronics. From teaching you the basics about buying a TV and home theater, to how to stream videos, to how to set up your new computer, tablet, or smartphone, each article will give you a boost in confidence when you use electronics.

Barb also brings years of experience selling cameras and working as professional photographer. Her tips on using digital camera features will make it easy for you to get your best shot.

After working in electronics retail sales and technical training, Barb Gonzalez wrote the “Home Electronics Survival Guide.” That led to writing manuals and becoming the “eye of the consumer” for a number of major electronics manufacturers. Her trade magazine articles have taught sales people how to simplify technology for their customers. She is a regular contributor to print and online enthusiast magazines, including “Home Theater” magazine.

But it is in Barb’s how-to articles and reviews for the non-tech readers that her simple explanations have made the most impact. She has written as the streaming media expert for and has made technology easier for the over-40 crowd on NBCUniversal’s “Tech Goes Strong” website.  She appears regularly on podcasts like’s Home Theater Geeks, and has been a guest on a number of national radio talk shows.

If you don’t find the answers you need in Barb’s blogs, she is ready to help by answering your questions about your gadgets, gizmos, TVs, cameras, computers and more.  Post the question on the MySears Community page and Barb will provide a simple-to-understand answer.

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  1. Hello Barb and welcome to the Community. I enjoy taking pictures also, and can't wait to read your advice, suggestions, and more regarding photography. I read your blog on 'What is a Smart TV?' and must say I like your writing style. Great to have you with us.

  2. Welcome Barb! So great to have you here in the Community. Look forward to reading your techie tips & tricks! :)


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