Microwave Maintenance – A Guide to Dos and Don’ts with Your Microwave Oven


  • Use your manual cook time option. It will ensure you only use the power you need for the food you’re heating up.
  • Remember to clean out grease filters in over the range microwaves.
  • Steam your microwave to clean built up grime. Heat water in a microwave safe container to steam the walls of the microwave oven then wipe it down after about 4 minutes.
  • Buy the right microwave for you. There are plenty of options available, like counter top microwaves, convection microwaves, and built-in microwaves. Consider your needs and shop accordingly.


  • Cook foods like hot dogs, eggs, potatoes, etc. without cutting into the skin first. If not, you’ll have a big mess on your hands. Never cook eggs in the shell in your microwave oven.
  • Use plastic dishes, metal pans, paper bags or plastic food bags, twist ties, recycled paper products when microwaving. Always check to see if a container is microwave safe before popping it in your microwave oven.
  • Let grime built up in your microwave. Not only is it bad for your microwave oven but it can be a fire hazard.
  • Overload your circuits. If your microwave shares a circuit with several other appliances consider juggling your kitchen appliances around so they are more spread out – or only use them one at a time.

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  1. Try heating water with a little lemon juice for a freash smell when cleaning

  2. I don't think tin foil is safe to use in a microwave.

  3. What if we wrap a potatoe in tin foil? Does that reduce the need for punching holes in it? Thanks


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