Party Worthy Pool Games

The end of summer is the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends, get outside and enjoy the final few weeks before the season ends. Instead of lying out by the pool to work on a tan, get in the pool and enjoy the water before fall sets in. Check out this list of awesome pool games to enjoy with friends and family in groups of any size.

  • Capture the Flag: A family-friendly game that both kids and adults can enjoy. Instead of flags, use weighted pool toys that sink to the bottom of the pool. Place a pool toy at each end of the pool and have each team take turns trying to retrieve the toy. The opposing team can use water balloons, water guns and other defensive forces to try to guard their side and stop the other team from taking their toy. The team who first retrieves the toy without being stopped is crowned the winner.
  • Volleyball: A summertime classic, volleyball is just as fun in water as it is on land. A pool, store-bought pool volleyball net and volleyball are all that’s needed to get started. Establish playing rules and a referee before starting the game. Volleyball is great for players of all ages and it’s a perfect laid back, slow-paced game to enjoy at a party or barbecue.
  • Beer Pong: For an adults-only party, floating beer pong is a great way to have fun and cool off in the pool while enjoying cold drinks. A top drinking game for any party, beer pong can be played in the pool with a floating beer pong table that’s created to prevent spills and maximize outdoor fun. Before getting started, agree on house rules for beer pong and consider adding special water challenges like swimming to retrieve the ball when it bounces back instead of running after it.
  • Bumper Boats: A great game for kids, adults and parties of all types. Much like bumper cars, the object of bumper boats is to bump into other players with the intent of knocking them out of their inner tubes. Players can push and kick off the sides of the pools and try to run into other opponents. The last person still in their inner tube wins. Set rules like no hair pulling, scratching or hitting allowed before beginning.
  • Ultimate Ball: A variation of Ultimate Frisbee played with a ball instead of a disc, Ultimate Ball is a fun, fast-paced game for adults, teens and older kids. Teams must move the ball down the length of the pool and touch the other with the ball in hand to score a point. The player in possession of the ball can’t swim or make any forward movements with the ball. Once caught, the player has 10 seconds to pass the ball to a teammate. If the ball is dropped in the water, held too long or intercepted, possession turns over to the opposing team.

These five games are the perfect way to get outdoors and celebrate the end of summer. Always keep safety in mind when playing pool games, keep an eye on children and have a first-aid kid handy in case any minor injuries occur. With just a few supplies, access to a pool and the company of friends and family, these games are a great way to enjoy the end of summer of usher in a new season.


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