Plan the Ultimate Media Room

Couple-watching-TVA great media room encompasses a whole lot more than just a great television set, Blu-ray player and some movies on home video disc. The key to any great media room is to replicate the experience of going to the movies, only in the home.

You don’t need to buy the biggest TV you can find just for the sake of it. Instead, look for a television that can reproduce the way your favorite movies looked when they were still in the theater being projected from high quality film prints by professionals. The same is true for other components in your media room setup, including the Blu-ray player or projection TV, sound system and more. Then you’ll be able to take your dream media room and turn it into a full-fledged reality.

Sony-PlayStation-3Sony PlayStation 3

Sony’s flagship device isn’t just a popular gaming console – it’s also one of the single best Blu-ray disc players on the market. The PlayStation 3 is so good at playing Blu-ray discs that many professional reviewers use it in their own home theater setups.

Not only does it support streaming services like Netflix, play back discs in 1080p high definition and support up to 7.1 channels of crystal clear surround sound, new features are being added all the time. When the PlayStation 3 shipped, for example, it didn’t support 3D Blu-rays. The feature has been added, however, by way of a free firmware upgrade. Even if you never purchase or play a single video game, you’ll still get a ton of use out of your PlayStation 3 by incorporating it into your media room. And if you think PlayStation 3 is the bomb, get ready for Playstation 4 to be released later this year. In fact, pre-orders are already being taken.

Panasonic-HDTVPanasonic Smart Viera S60

When you look for a television set for your media room, you want to judge it on three different qualities. The first is the set’s ability to reproduce color. Color accuracy is the most important thing when it comes to how you perceive an image. Secondly, you want to look at the black levels. Blacks should be deep and inky, but not at the expense of detail. Third, you want to look for additional features like streaming capabilities and compatibility with services like YouTube and Amazon Instant Video.

Panasonic’s flagship plasma meets and exceeds in all three of these qualities. The S60 accurately reproduces images on Blu-ray home video discs in a stunning quality that will have you swearing you’re sitting in a high priced movie theater.

Sony-AV-receiverSony 7.1 Channel 3D AV Receiver

Arguably the most important component in your dream media room isn’t the Blu-ray player or even the television – it’s the sound system. Studies show that the better something sounds, the better you perceive how it looks. As a result, sound becomes increasingly important toward the overall experience you’ll get watching your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition at home.

Sony’s STR-DH720 receiver features out of the box compatibility with all the latest technologies. It supports up to 7.1 channels of discrete high definition audio. It also supports 3D content like 3D Blu-ray discs and 3D on demand movies available from your local cable provider. The STR-DH720 is compatible with up to four different devices simultaneously. In addition, you can connect your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and listen to all your favorite songs right in the comfort of your dream media room.


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