Pros and Cons: Front vs. Top Load Washer

If it’s time to replace your old washing machine, you may notice that there are a lot of different options to choose from on the market. Top loading washers used to be the standard in homes, but now affordable front load washing machines are also available. Each style of washing machine has its benefits and drawbacks, which is why it’s important to know all the features as you decide the debate: front load vs. top load washer.

Front load washers

Front load washers are popular because they help busy families get more laundry done more quickly. They offer a greater volume inside the drum so you can wash soccer uniforms, comforters and sleeping bags, making it a versatile machine for any home. Plus, since the door is on the front instead of on the top, you can stack your washer and dryer to conserve on space if you have a front load design. Front load washers also offer efficiency in a few other areas:

  • Energy
  • Cleaning
  • Spin drying

Since they use less water and less energy to run, front load washers can really help cut down on your utility bills. Since the drums are wide open, soap and water can move about more freely in your laundry loads, getting your clothes fresher and cleaner. Finally, the spin dry cycle on front load washers is far more efficient at getting water out of your clothes, which means they will spend less time in the dryer.

Drawbacks to front load washers include the price of the models. While they offer plenty of fancy customization options, you do pay a little bit more money for the flexibility and energy efficiency. In addition, the wash cycles tend to run longer on front load washers. If you’re short on time and money, you may want to opt for a top load model instead. Finally, front load washers tend to have more vibration and odor issues than their top-loading counterparts.

Top load washers

If you want something simple and inexpensive, a top load washer may be a good fit for you. Since they load at the top of the machine, you won’t have to do a lot of bending over as you prepare and load your laundry for cleaning. In addition, top load washers are so common that you can find many energy efficient models at prices to fit your budget. Shorter wash cycles make this style perfect for busy homes, since you can get through several loads in one day. You can also stop your wash and throw in extra items mid-cycle if you need to, since you don’t have to worry about water spilling out when you open the door. Top load washers are sturdy and don’t generally have vibration or odor problems, which makes them fuss-free all year long.

Drawbacks to top load washers include a smaller capacity, fewer customization options and less efficient spin cycles. Also, if you are short on space, go with a front load washer since top loaders are nearly impossible to stack.


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