Reduce the Energy Used by Your Washer and Dryer

Reduce the Energy Used by Your Washer and Dryer


Saving energy and minimizing your environmental footprint requires more than upgrading to EPA Energy Star-certified appliances. How you use and maintain your appliances, especially your washer and dryer, matters just as much. Follow these tips to save energy while doing laundry.

Use cold water

Almost all the electricity used by your clothes washer goes toward heating wash and rinse water. Using cold water, and a detergent formulated to work well at lower temperatures, eliminates that energy expenditure without sacrificing cleanliness.

Only run full loads

Wait until the washer is full before switching it on. If you absolutely have to do a smaller load of laundry, lower the water level to an appropriate setting.

Separate heavy items

Separate heavier items such as bath towels from lighter items such as shirts in order to make sure everything is washed and dried in the most efficient manner.

GE 7.0 cu. ft. Electric DryerClear the lint

Clean the lint screen every time you use your dryer. Also, occasionally vacuum out the slot or cradle for the screen. Doing both improves air flow through the dryer and prevents fires.

Inspect the dryer vent

Regularly check the vent for your dryer to make sure it isn’t blocked by lint or debris. An obstructed vent is a fire hazard and wastes energy by making the dryer work harder.


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