Sears Commercial – Squirrel Revolt

The Denskies, an enthusiastic family, continue to try to make things better. This time, by training squirrels to cut coupons. If they only knew that Sears already has a better way to save them money and time.  #TheDenskies

What’s your review? ~ Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down?



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  1. The commercial is hilarious but the mating with my mouth is over the top. :(

  2. Woah, Sears, is that Squirrel throwing a "Heil Hitler" at the end of that commercial? I mean, i watched it 3 time and he FOR SURE starts off with a bent little squirrel arm and then throws it out into a full Nazi salute! Don't get me wrong I LOVE Nazi Squirrels but I would think after the whole amazing teapot kurfaffle (that's German for "Screw up!") you'd maybe look twice for things that could be considered facist adjacent! You marketing buzz geniuses you!

  3. Love this commercial.

  4. Can't understand what the 1st squirrel is saying before "N u t up brothers"?
    Very funny commercial!


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