Sidney Creates an Eclectic Summer Retreat!

For those times you need to escape the everyday and transport yourself to another world, why not create an eclectic retreat? You can build one anywhere, from the beaches of Morocco to the back roads of South Georgia. It does not take much as long as you have a quiet, comfy spot to unwind and a solid place to put some refreshments, you will be able to tune out the stresses of everyday life. However, if you plan to spend quality time there then I suggest adding some decorative accessories to make it feel more like a personal space. Take a look at the Eclectic Retreat I have put together here for inspiration. Many of these items can be found at Sears so follow the links below for easy shopping!


Side Table can be found here!


Pitcher and Tray can be purchased here!


Check out the Wall Sconces here!


Tealight Candleholders featured can be purchases here or here!


Grab the bedding here!


Chandelier can be snagged here!




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