Simple Changes Make a Big Difference: Renovating Your Outdated Home

Right after the housing bubble burst, the time-honored tradition of buying an older house and fixing it up fell out of fashion. After all, prices on new homes were so cheap that you could save money simply by buying a foreclosure that was only a few years old. Now that home prices are rising, it’s time to look into saving money by fixing up an older home.

Small Adjustments, Huge Improvements Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to increase your home’s value in your eyes. After all, you’re not looking to buy stainless steel appliances with mass appeal when you first move into a home; you want amenities that will appeal specifically to your family.

Here are some easy projects that are popular, relatively inexpensive and can be contracted out to Sears for the best experience and a fast turnaround time:

Cabinet Re-Facing Vanity kitchens are all the rage right now, which means that homes with less than up-to-snuff kitchens are great for negotiating lower home prices. If the cabinets are dragging the look of a kitchen down, you can easily have them refaced. Cabinet re-facing is a great option if the cabinets themselves are solid and you only want to update their look.

Countertop Replacements The fastest way to update a kitchen is adding nice, new countertops. Countertops come in a variety of price points and styles to fit any decor tastes, so having flexibility to make the changes yourself will save you from pulling up perfectly good countertops later just because they don’t fit your style. Countertops can be replaced in a day, so this isn’t a project that will have contractors coming in and out of your house for weeks on end.

Complete Kitchen Update Vanity kitchens are very popular among sellers right now because even simple remodels can have up to 75 percent of the initial costs recouped in a sale. But, you can initiate a remodel on your own for around the same price and only get the features you’ll actually want, all done in your style.

Flooring Changes Updating floors can be an expensive undertaking, but it’s also the first project you’ll want to tackle in a new home. Flooring makes a huge impact across the whole house. Consider replacing just the floors in the main rooms that guests see and working toward the outer rooms to get the most visual impact for your money.

Keep It Simple The most-heard complaint about remodeling isn’t that it’s pricey; it’s that finding reliable contractors is a challenge. Working with Sears Home Services simplifies the process because Sears ensures that you’re getting the best local vendors available at competitive prices.

-Caroline Hankins


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