New Small Kitchen Appliance Features that Make Life Easier

Sure, your tried-and-true, 20-year-old basic kitchen electrics are getting the job done. But these convenient new appliance features will have you asking, “Why didn’t we think of that before?” Like a good set of cutting knives, you don’t fully realize how much more pleasant meal prep can be until you experience these innovations for yourself:

1. Slow CookersHamilton Beach Set n Forget

Hamilton Beach Set n Forget

  • Clip-tight gasket lid with clip-on spoon, so you can take it to your next party without worrying about it spilling all over your car.
  • Thermometer probe included, plus a hole for taking the temperature of meats without opening the lid and letting out heat.
  • Programmable, so if you’ll be busy for longer than it takes to cook, it will shut itself off and keep the food warm until you’re ready.

2. Blenders - KitchenAid 5-Speed

KitchenAid 5-speed blender

  • Intelli-Speed controls automatically adjust power to accommodate for thicker mixtures, minimizing human error from the recipe.
  • Built for continual blending, so motor is kept cool even during heavy usage.
  • Pitcher contour and patented stainless steel blades are designed for chopping ice, directing ingredients into the blade. No more stopping, stirring and restarting to get rid of pesky air pockets or large chunks of food.
  • Scratch, stain and shatter-resistant polycarbonate pitcher, perfect for keeping children safe.
  • Built-in drain holes eliminate food traps and the need to risk your fingers trying to clean around the blade.

3. Coffeemakers - Cuisinart 12-cup Programmable

Cuisinart 12-cup programmable coffeemaker

  • Programmable settings, so your brew is ready when you wake up each morning.
  • Hot water dispenser for tea-lovers (or hot cocoa or ramen noodles).
  • Fits travel mugs: removable platform lets you place your travel mug right under the dispenser and take your joe on the go.
  • Brew Pause function, in case you need to run out in a hurry.
  • Stays hot: not just a hot plate, but tanks designed to keep coffee hot and fresh-tasting for even the latest risers in the family.
  • Built-in filter saves you several trips to the store, and also some green.

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  1. We had just bought a Kenmore programable Coffee maker Model #4203 about 3 months ago and it has stopped working. So we tossed it in the garabage and will no longer buy Kenmore products. We will stick with the cheaper Mr Coffee brand that lasts at least 5 yrs.


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