Spring Clean Your Closet

by Janet Grischy

It’s delightful to get out of heavy dark winter clothes and into the lighter and brighter colors of spring. You feel free and easy. Ridding your closet of winter clothes to make room for spring and summer wear can be a pleasant chore, especially if you follow these spring cleaning tips to lighten up your closets for spring.

Cleaning out closetsCleaning out closet

The best way to clean out a clothes closet is to sort your things into three piles. One pile holds the clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Clothes in this pile go to charity, to a yard sale or to a friend. Box them up. The second pile is for the things you will keep wearing — your light blouses, seasonless clothing and all the things you like too much to pack away yet. Rehang them. The third pile is for the clothes you will store, after cleaning and repairing them as necessary.

During this process, you might want to hang your clothes up where you can look at them, to check them for repairs and wear. If you get a folding clothes rack, you’ll also have it for yard sales or extra storage when you need it. Take a good look at what you own. You need to wash and iron everything washable and send out your coats and such to be cleaned. Anything put away in bad condition will come out worse, so you want to be careful how you store your wardrobe.

Clothes storage

For sweaters and foldable wool or other natural fiber clothing, a cedar hope chest is the absolute best choice. It really does prevent moth holes naturally, and it gives your things a mild and lovely scent. Put tissue or shelf paper under the clothes for extra protection. For things you want to hang, wardrobes will keep them secure. Underbed storage makes use of wasted space while keeping your belongings out of the way.

Storing clothingHope chest

Storing the clothing you’ll want to wear in spring and summer is now a simple matter. You can place your outfits together, so everything you need is right at hand. Or, you can organize by color, so it’s easy to coordinate a new and interesting outfit. Finally, one spring cleaning tip everyone should know: Organizing your warm weather clothing is fun and easy once you get the winter clothes out of the way.


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