Spring Decorating Ideas Using Accessories

by Janet Grischy

Bring the joy of spring indoors, with spring decorating ideas that don’t cost much but can make a big difference. You can easily add small touches to your home that will make you smile every time you see them.

Spring home décor for the kitchenspring flower vases

You don’t have to make big changes to upgrade your home décor for spring. In the kitchen, replace your tired and worn potholders with these brilliant sunflower designs. You can find matching towels, too, to complete your kitchen’s look. Or choose a cute stripes and solids towel set, in bright colors for spring. The smallest touches will warm the look of your kitchen, the heart of your home.

Fresh spring ideas for your bath

A soap dish is an easy addition for the bath. This Sarah soap dish is decorated with roses, for a lovely touch of spring. There’s a lotion dispenser in the same sweet print, to complete the look. If your shower curtain has seen better days, replace it with one in soft spring violet, and instantly make your bath look fresh and new.

Updating the bedroom with spring ideas

A bed in a bag is the easiest way to give your bedroom a clean new look for spring. Choose this Optic Dot set to instantly brighten the room with a pop of spring pastels. For a child’s room, there’s a Dora the Explorer bed in a bag, to add color to your little girl’s room with a sweet and simple set.

Spring decorations for living areas

In living areas, the simplest upgrade is throw pillows, and Sears.com has a great selection. You might like the vivid Carabello pillow, brightly striped in green and blue. Imagine one at either end of a dull sofa. There’s a similar pillow in rose stripes. Sears.com has designer throw pillows in many patterns, and a rainbow of easy-to-match solid pillows, too.

Dining area ideas for spring

A centerpiece gives your dining area a focal point. You can choose artificial flowers for a lasting look. Or, you can fill a group of glass apothecary jars with seashells, dried flowers or any collection that reminds you of spring. The grouping will give your table a fresh look, or you can use it to add the look of spring to a side table or shelf. It’s utterly charming and easy to look after.


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