Spring For A Change

/I think it’s time for a change! With Spring right around the corner, now is the time that I start thinking about getting the exterior of my home back in shape! Last spring I had new exterior doors, siding, and windows replaced on my home, and the change that it made is absolutely incredible. I’ve had good friends who were familiar with my home drive right by because they no longer recognized it. I would call that the best kind of change!

My final exterior home upgrade will be a new roof. After a bad wind storm some of my shingles are curling or missing. Having a new front door made me feel like I’m safe in my home, but getting a new roof will make me feel like my house and my stuff is protected from the elements. At the same time that I get a new roof, they will ensure that it’s also properly ventilated and insulated. Ventilation is especially important during extreme hot temperatures and suitable insulation is critical during cold times, for energy efficiency.

In the end—my home will look better from the curb, I will feel better because I’m covered, and I’m also making my home more energy efficient. This will be the second year of spring renovations with Sears Home Services! It looks like I’m going to have another Spring of change!

Michelle | Online Communications Manager | Sears Home Services

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  1. Yeah, now is the time to do all of your appliance repair in naples and roofing and things like that. It is a busy time of year, but a rewarding one, too. Thanks for the info!


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