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Shoes make the outfit and, rightfully so, you have a bunch of them. But where to put them? As with all storage, you need a shoe storage system that is accessible, simple and easy to hide (you know, so you’ll actually use it!). This may all seem obvious. Less obvious? How inexpensive finding a great shoe rack is?

Our Pick – Organize It All 1707 Neu Home Stackable Storage Rack

While our footwear may be more form than function, our shoe storage should be the other way around. Enter the Organize It All Expandable & Stackable Shoe Rack. As the name says, you can add racks on top or to the side to make room for all of your shoes. It is utilitarian in the best way. Stick it in a coat closet and keep your foyer clear of sneakers and high heels. $25

Closet Organization

For some people, organization in the house is just dumping all of your things in a nearby closet. Those people might want to pay attention. Organizing your home means organizing your closets. The best way to do that is to find a system that is perfect for your closet space. For those of us not lucky enough for spacious garage –like closets, there are plenty of closet organizing solutions that will make you feel like you do.

Our Pick – John Louis Home Deluxe Closet System

Don’t skimp on this area of home organization. Buying a solid closet system is not cheap, but it will lessen your frustration-induced headaches and high blood pressure. The John Louis Home collection has a variety of closet management systems that will fit your home and lifestyle. Made of high quality wood, the John Louis Home Deluxe systems can give you to 22 ft of shelf space and 16ft of hanging space. With multiple configuration options, this is a system you can move to different areas of your home as needed. $300-$500 depending on size

Garage Organization

You can never have too much room in your garage. If there is room, junk will come. So when its possible to save a few square feet of garage floor space, you have to take advantage. Garage shelves and hanging mounts will go a long way. Depending on the layout of the garage and your particular garage use, there are plenty of shelving storage systems designed to optimize your garage wall’s potential. Keep in mind where your vehicles and other items you store in your garage will live when installing shelves or hanging mounts. The last thing you want is to have to duck under a hanging canoe you mounted just to get to your car every morning.

Our Pick – Racor Pro Ceiling Mounting Bike Rack

Nothing will save you more room than mounting your family’s bike to the ceiling. Resting safely above the floor of your garage, you will have room for more storage as well as avoid car scratches from those pesky handlebars. Easy to install and wallet-friendly, this bike rack is a must have for anyone with a family and in need of excellent and inexpensive storage solutions! $30



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