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Tell us what you have been looking for on sears.com but have not been able to find!

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  1. Alfred Dunner clothing


  3. Nice dress shirts, with french cuff sleeves

  4. I haven't seen jwellery section in perfect order

  5. Give me a Made in the USA button!!! I wish there was an origin function when searching or going to categories. I love my country and its products made by US.

  6. Alfred Dunner clothing

  7. Lee Brand of Blue Jeans with waist of 32 and length of 31

  8. A piece for my husband's grinder.

  9. i havent found jeans size 29 waist 28 length

  10. Comfort shoes, Sears is the place! just the other day I visited sears insearch for a comfortable pair of shoes not only did I them they were on sale. I also bought some very nice comfortable slippers..

  11. Alfred Dunner clothing

  12. Faux fur leather vest

  13. Plus Size Bras

  14. a good variety of walking shoes in a size 6 wide

  15. Little Ones Diapers

  16. Coupons!

  17. Toaster and the feedback was out of this world and I'm going to sears and buy my toaster tomorrow.

  18. good

  19. I haven't found bras in my size. I am a large sized woman and have a hard time finding bras in my size that dont look like something an old lady would wear.

  20. I've always found everything I was looking for!

  21. Skylanders. Where are the Skylanders? I have tried three locations in the Cobb, Georgia area. There are none to be found.

  22. I was disappointed to discover that Land's End merchandise was no longer available at the Sears in Valley Stream, NY.

  23. I cannot find a 3000 lumens benq projector

  24. I have found everything I have looked for

  25. I have been able to find what im looking for. However, i am very dissapointed with the fact that I schedule the delivery date and it was moved for five days later, without even being notified.

  26. what can't you find on there lol

  27. Gold colored sofa and love seat cover

  28. Alfred Dunner clothing

  29. So far I have found everything I am looking for. Sometimes it's a little expensive, but I have been able to find it.


  31. Looking for a good biker's jacket in beige color with lot of pockets and belt.

  32. i have been looking for a pair of socks alone for my son but everytime i just find pairs of six or more theres no one pairs. for myself i have been looking for more clothes from the kardashian kollection that i can afford but most is very expensive for example the jeans are more than $50 in these hard times thats too much.

  33. looking for dresses for my new granddaughter

  34. I am a plus size woman and most of your stores in the Seattle area do not carry much plus sizes.Which is sad because I know there is a lot of plus sizes out there. I love lands end --Thank you

  35. I love this store! Great Service and clothes

  36. more of the Kardashian line!

  37. Looking for inexpensive Blu-Ray DVD player with WiFi.

  38. Looking for a water softner and found several

  39. I've been looking for almost 8' x 36' bookcases to put on either side of my fireplace. So far everything comes up short. But I have loved everything I have found on Sears.com and the outlet site. I've been telling all my friends who are looking for applicances about the outlet site.

  40. I found everything I was looking for!

  41. Im looking 4 curtains but I need them in the bed room and I need 63'' lenght and all I can find is 83'' and longer I would really like the ones that have the 5 or 6 piece in one wich you do have but they are also way to long and there is not realy any selection.

  42. Well i have been trying to review a purchase of mine for rewards points, but i cannot find it when i go to review.

  43. I haven't had any trouble finding anything so far.

  44. Sears does offer the most comparable prices on big appliances.

  45. Sears.com only offers 1 corner TV stand. Granted it comes in 6 different colors but that is not much of a choice considering televisions come in several different sizes. I would love to have gone to Sears.com and found a decent TV entertainment center that would fit my TV in the corner. I am stuck having to look elsewhere. I recommend a few different choices for corner units. And definitely 36" high options!!!

  46. I've been shopping for washer and dryers and comparing prices so for sears has the best prices as compared to conns,lowes,and home depo.

  47. I ordered AVIA shoes for my dad only for $20.00 and free shipping to the store. I wish they also deliver other items free to the store beside the shoes.

  48. I just bought 2 wool coats last week. I got a really good deal on them because they were already 75% off the regular price and additional 25% off at the register. I really find good deal on off seasonal apparel.

  49. We were looking for a dishwasher and Sears was the first and last place we looked. We got a great price and a great dishwasher.

  50. We were looking for a dishwasher and Sears was the first and last place we looked. We got a great price and a great dishwasher.

  51. I have never found anything on sears.com that I have not been able to find!! I check things out online before going shopping!

  52. not yet!

  53. i been trying to find a nice full bedding set for a teen not to pricy though but i havnt yet found one that has the whole set?

  54. i recently got a gift card as a gift for my birthday i created an account about 2weeks ago on the sears /kmart website. i also joined the rewards card also so when i purchased only one idem and got rewarded 52,000 reward points wow thats 52$ just from reward points i was shocked now im thinking sears/kmart is my favorite online shopping store.

  55. When I am searching for a product at Sears.com, I am happy to find what products were seen by other online customers. But I would also like to know what product was finally bought by a customer after a series of items seen online! A customer visit trail leading to the final purchase. This will definitely help in making a good decision.

  56. That would be BOOTS not BOOKS lol

  57. I wished Sears sold some Rocket Dogs. The best books EVER. Put a few in select stores and watch them run out the door!

  58. I would love to be able to find the same clothing that I find in the stores on line. I can't find the sizes I want in stores but am unable to find them on the site.

  59. Comparing the prices on items between stores for the best savings over all. And to see if there is anything on sale at the Sears store that is on sale to go and buy it at Sears in St. George, Utah store.

  60. I was looking for a sheet set at a reasonable price. I know Sears has a big selection. Also, I need a small file cabinet and did not find it on the Sears site.

  61. always looking for not only a good brand but good prices which I always find at Sears

  62. I luv shopping at sears.com it is really convinient for me and the offers and all the cool stuff they have is great

  63. I have found a lot of stuff at Sears.com that I could not find anywhere else but I would like to be able to purchase Alfred Dunner clothing - my favorite brand of women's clothes!

  64. with the huge discounts sears has been offering lately, its hard to find almost anything they sell that wouldnt be considered a bargain.

  65. I was looking for polarized sunglasses in the optical department and in accessories but could not find any. The optical department only had perscription polarized and the associate in accessories said they did not carry them.

  66. I love the sales in the spots section n also the men Jacket section as well as how nice is to make the payment on the store awesome

  67. Hello i love ur store great prices great people, I would like a bit more variety on girls 12 to 14 on skirts or dresses that aren't to flowery please also the automotive department great service thanks a lot as well as the vacuums dept. keep the good work thks

  68. Since I purchased my GPS on line after Christmas, have been laying low on buying stuff online.

  69. I have a 12 yr old daughter that wants the teenage style clothes in the young miss area but they are all cut to small for her. She is 5'7" and 160lbs and needs a woman size 14. You don't have a younger look in clothes in that size. You have adult or business type for women. I would like to see younger looking clothes in the women size not just young kids or young/teen misses. Thanks

  70. I bought a pair of women UK style boyfriend wash jeans in a store but can't find them anywhere/ website or store anymore !!

  71. Sears is for the most part an easily navigated website and what I am really liking now is these kids/parents workshops offered on weekends that I can participate in with my young daughter. Nice quality time :)

  72. Large size drinking glasses that I don't have to refill ~ 24 oz

  73. clip on pendant watch

  74. nothing

  75. nothing yet!

  76. I did not find the Brands like as Nike, Adidas, in Kids Shoes. Though I did find Reebok but there were not many Models.

  77. Amazingly nothing!

  78. girl's dresses

  79. I like looking on-line to find the new styles of clothing, but then I always visit my local Sears store so I can try on the clothes in person. If the store is out of a size I want, I'll look on this site and order it!

  80. A way to find out on line where my delivery is and when my new dishwasher might be installed,,,

  81. I have found a lot of stuff at Sears.com that I could not find anywhere else but I would like to be able to purchase Alfred Dunner clothing - my favorite brand of women's clothes!

  82. I've been looking for a turn around,Deep-dish Waffle Iron, can't remember thr brand name. Hopefully winning a gift card would solve the problem.

  83. I have been trying to find a wine rack
    ■18 bottle capacity
    ■Sturdy pine construction in a dark oak finish
    ■Glass-front cabinet
    ■Measures 18.11L x 14.96W x 39.76H inches

  84. I have not been able to find a particular pair of gold loafers that my best friend told me she brought from Sears. Sadly, I had to go to Shoe Carnival to purchase them.

  85. i shop new Samsung Smart TV in Sears and i think this is one of the awesome tv in all world. when i buy it i didnt knew that this tv has so many different program and good change to make my life better in few times.

  86. I really like that, so far I have been able to find stuff I did not imagine that sears could have like, tail lights for my husband's truck and a lot of different things, I think this is great because Sears is helping other websites or stores, posting their items in Sears.com, it has a wide variety of stuff, so I think if somebody is looking for something, you will definetly find it at sears.com, Thank you Sears for giving me the opportunity of having my first credit card, I am having so much fun, buying all the stuff I need.

  87. I was looking for a smal electric pot to heat around 2 cups of water for tea

  88. I've been able to find what I need so far but sometimes it's a little difficult reviewing all the items that pop up. When I try to narrow down my search results, I find items that I wasn't necessarily looking for. I've also found the same items listed on Sears website that come up in my search results that may be sold by someone else for a different price. This isn't really helpful for me. I would just prefer easier searching :)

  89. Decent quality at an affordable price, middle aged fashioned clothing. The designers at sears for this age the style is one extreme (sexy) to the basic (dull). Then if the fabric is quality the style is not fashionable. More craftsmenship and better quality material is a must. Need something between the junior and so called womens department for the looking good stylish 50-60's working women and on the go without young kids.
    Thanks for Listening.

  90. I pretty much find what I am looking for at Sears. Sears is a good 50 miles from where I live so if I order something I have to go pick it up. I recently ordered a dishwasher and tubing for hookup. It was a stainless steel dishwasher and it was on sale for a great price. I didn't want stainless steel but a black one would have cost my $50 more. I am very pleased though. It is very quiet. I can hardly hear it running at all. I hate that the delivery price is $75. So if I have to buy something that won't go in my car I have to get it locally at Home Depot. But I like Sears Kenmore appliances very much. I would put my money on them lasting the longest of most. I miss Sears having the candy and nuts in the store though. I know I am talking years ago, but it was so nice to be able to go in Sears, shop and get some cashews and chocolate. Hint! Hint!

  91. I shop instore exclusively so far.

  92. Haven't had any trouble finding anything. :)

  93. It seems that Sears carrys everything I need. I did look for an Angry Birds full size bed pillow however at Christmas and could not find any. Actually nobody carried them.

  94. I like shopping at Sears!

  95. I was unable to get the copper tubing to hook up my dishwasher on Sears.com. So I had to go to Home Depot. I was also unable to get pants large enough for one of my clients (55 x28) Most things are great though.

  96. Each time I have tried to order something from sears, you have always had what I wanted.

  97. Kindle fire.

  98. I haven't been able to find rock climbing harnesses on the web site. When you search for it rock climbing shirts come up.

  99. Nothing - you always have what I'm looking for.

  100. We have been looking at all of the dryers that are on the market today. My dryer died at the worst time. My husbend is in the hospital and I am disabled so I have to do the shoping for this item myself. So far I have found that the Sears website is the best at allowing me to be able to compaire prices and oppions all at the same time from several different brands I like that so I don't have to shop around town and I can get this taken care of before my husband comes home from the hospital. The only thing is I can't seem to get the website to let me get one delivered. So I am not sure if I will be able to go with Sears.


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