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What bridal gifts will you be registering for this year?

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  1. cookware set!

  2. My friend loves indoor and outdoor plants, I'm planning on searching for cute outdoor furniture to set off her green thumb outdoor look.

  3. None foe me ! Maybe my sons .................???

  4. no getting married, but i usually like giving a toaster oven. they are so versitile and perfect for Texas in the summer when you don't want to use your oven.

  5. been married 17 years so none

  6. a nice out door set of chair. which i saw last night at sears. they even recline. they were so sweet

  7. Probably china ware

  8. none

  9. My daughter is getting married this summer and wanted to check out sears on line, will recommend she register for gifts from family that is out of state.

  10. i love sears

  11. i will be registering for everything to be white nothing like a all white wedding and white gold rings

  12. nice wine glasses

  13. I will be registering for kitchen appliances as well as dishware.

  14. At the age of 70, I am happy to see I can access the Sears/Kmart current ads online. I would love to see a place to view any dented/refurbished items on sale. At this time I haven't found this on either site, (Sears/Kmart).

  15. At the age of 70, I am happy to see I can access the Sears/Kmart current ads onlint. I would love to see a place to view any dented/refurbished items on sale. At this time I haven't found this on either site, (Sears/Kmart).

  16. already married 33 years

    kitchen , bath items are always needed tho

  17. Been married for 18 years now, and we didn't have a bridal shower then, but are thinking about re-newing our vows on our 20th, so then we will ask for gifts!!

  18. No bridal showers or gifts here, BUT...Next year is our 25th wedding anniversary. We are looking to spend that time in Maui, Hawaii. We both could use a new wardrobe.

  19. I am already married. but if I was looking for a gift for me a washer and dryer. For friend maybe a pan set for cooking.

  20. no plans for getting married anytime soon. is there a funeral registry? id have to sign up for that one.

  21. Need to get married first!

  22. Most likely stuff for the kitchen like dishwares, flatwares, cookwares, etc

  23. Samsung LED Smart TV

  24. I won't be registering for, but will be shopping for several bridal gifts. Placemats to coordinate with table ware makes a great gift.

  25. Stainless Steel appliances and accessories.

  26. A toaster oven is always handy.

  27. Outdoor decorations! You can always find something to fit any couples taste; traditional, funky, frilly.....I try to buy what someone would want instead of need, a conversation peice.

  28. Cal-king bedding that feel nice and come in great colors. Perfect for spring

  29. I recently purchased a knife set as a wedding gift.

  30. Tons of items such as kitchen aid mixer, bath towel sets, pots and pans, dishes, camera, vacuum, home decor and the list goes on and on :)

  31. Crockpots make it easier on the new couple.


  33. Camping items often are fun for newlyweds.

  34. My sister is registering for bedding. She is getting married in November.

  35. Something I rarely have purchased for myself, matching towels and wash clothes.

  36. I'm already married.... I got my niece a rice cooker from her registry a few weeks back. (Hope she doesn't read this!)

  37. Interior paint, new kitchen cabinets

  38. Washer & Dryer

  39. Not applicable...but me need a new washer and dryer!

  40. We registered for a stand mixer- and would love to register for a dishwasher too...

  41. We registered at Sears already for some tools, lawn equipment and a grill!

  42. DISHWASHER pu-leez!!

  43. Already married but need a new iron.

  44. Juicer and gorgeous sheets, dishes, and towels!

  45. I won't be registering because I'm not getting married , however "my wish list" is a new push mower.

  46. I won`t be registering because I`m not getting married,however my "wish list" is a bedroom makeover and new curtains throughout the house!

      • sfmay
      • Little River Academy, TX

    No gift registry here, but would look to buy a nice cutting board for a newly wedded couple.

  47. Lawn and garden stuff - we already have everything we need/want for the inside so why not spruce up the outside. I do see the "Honeyfund" registries and I wouldn't mind registering for gifts that guests put towards your honeymoon. Memories are the perfect kind of gift!

  48. I'm already married, so no need for a wedding present for me. A couple people that I know that are getting married have been mentioning a mixer/blender. They are both big bakers.

  49. Baby Furniture is all the rage around my house this year.
    It probably is the most registered gifts in Sears

  50. Kenmore bakeware, cookware and utensils. Kenmore small appliances such as a 4 bay toaster and a combination microwave & pizza oven! All at Sears of course!

  51. Kitchen, Bed, Bath you name it ! :)

  52. All things coffee! An espresso/cappucino maker, a coffee maker, espresso cups, travel mugs... I want it to be like Starbucks in my kitchen!!

  53. A microwave, cookware, dishwasher, and a counter depth refrigerator will be on the list.

  54. A washer and dryer so my wife can do my (our) laundry

  55. I remarried in June 2011. My husband and I are semi-retirees living in a fixer-upper on a peaceful little chain of lakes, doing a lot of gardening and raising chickens. Money for home decor is tight and I am always looking for bargains. My current search is for a pair of decorative, comfy throw pillows, with removable, washable covers. Haven't yet found the perfect items.

  56. I won't be registering for any this year.

  57. Thanks for the question, but I don't plan to get remarried any time soon.Although, If for some reason I do find myself getting remarried. I would register for Sears fine bedding, cookware and I've always liked the value/quality of Sears tools.

    Thanks for your time and take care.

  58. Thanks for the question, but I don't plan to get married again. Although, if I some how do get remarried, Sears has always had fine bedding, cookware and I've enjoyed the tool section for outstanding value with quality.

  59. We really could use some furniture but I doubt we'll register for anything.

  60. i'm married 38 years. why would i register for anything?

  61. cookware for sure!

  62. My wife of over 45 years would find it puzzling should I register at this time. However, if we could roll-back the clock about 46 years, we would, no doubt, register. Can you help us with this roll-back? (That would make me 26 years old and my wife 24 . . . yahoo!!!)

  63. I was just looking at my friend's wedding photos and was thinking of having a 10th year anniversary but wedding style. thinking about all the gifts I would be registering for. Maybe new pillows, furniture and gift cards for sure. This gift card would come in handy

  64. I will not be registering myself as I have been a widow for about a year, but it is a great idea to pass on to others! And as a young widow with children, $100 gift card would come in very handy though.

  65. None

  66. I would love to register for gifts, but I am happily married 18 years. I need new stuff!

  67. Craftsman Tools make the best bridal gifts!

  68. A glass top electric stove would be first on the list.

  69. this question is really directed to a very select group of individuals... unfortunately, it does not apply to me, nor anyone that i know.

  70. I have no plans to get married, so I will not be registering.
    Thank you.

  71. been married 35 years, don't have plans of registering for any weddings.

  72. won't be registering for any at this time.

  73. Not registering personally - been married 25 years! Maybe I should register for 25th anniversary gifts. I would love towels ~ always and lawn and garden stuff. My youngest son is engaged. We may be registering soon for him!

  74. No plans to register as we have been married 20 years already....

  75. I don' t plan on registering this year, I'm not married and I'm 63 years old.

  76. I will not be registering for bridal gifts. My husband and I have been married 39 1/2 years.

  77. No plans to register since we have been married for over 7 years now.

  78. Well I haven't decided yet but my girlfriend will do that for me since a friend of mine will be getting married this year. How exciting!!!

  79. A set of frames to display our little one's first year with us!

  80. With no wedding at our house, I won't be registering for gifts. I think one of the best gifts we received was picnic gear; coolers, basket, cloth, & blankets have all been well used.

  81. Hmmm, no bridal gifts for us, but I will purchase some place settings for some friends who are getting married.

  82. Happily married for 18 years so obviously not registering. When we were getting married I didn't register as I wanted our gifts to be a surprise and given from the heart...and I must say we had some unique gifts!

  83. Linens!

  84. Not registering bridal gifts this year!

  85. Facebook renewed a connection with a family first met 20 years ago while vacationing overseas. The kids are grown now and the youngest will be married in 2 weeks. A misunderstanding resulted in an unexpected invitation to come for the ceremonies. Jewelry is a traditional gift in their culture but with some big and unexpected bills our budget was stetched too thin for us to afford either the airfare or the gems. A couple of brillant suggestions changed all that. Shopping at a pawn shop we found some very affordable jewelry. Some forgotten frequent flyer miles are being used to keep the round trip airfare under $100! Only great blessings have made this chance-of-a-lifetime trip possible. Istanbul bound!

  86. Not registering bridal gifts this year!

  87. Well I am not a bride...and have been happily married for the last 22 years. But yes...I do consider my wife to be a bride and plan to take her to a treat at sears. Definitely something awesome for her birthday

  88. I will be assisting my best friends soon to be wife with registering household items for their new home. Things like new appliances, dishes, towels, bedding, etc

  89. I will not be registering for anything this year as my first wedding anniversary is July 16th.

  90. Hello my sears bloggers, I will not be registering this year. Just a little too late, coming up on 2nd anniversary.

  91. Not registering any bridal gifts for this year.

  92. None

  93. I will not be registering for any bridal gifts. I am trying to do the survey that my receipt is asking me to do. Your site is very difficult to get where you are trying to go. I went to the community and I do not want to start a new discussion. I am trying to get my chance to win a $4000.00 sears gift card. WHAT IS UP?????

    A bewildered customer?????


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