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What spring fashion trends and brands are you looking for this year?

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      • DeviB
      • Murfreesboro, TENNESSEE

    I love your styles my whole family loves them. I cant find what my family is looking for unless I come to Sears.....I love Sears easy to access what I am looking for thank you for a job well done on merchadising the floor it looks great all year around...thank you

  1. for more selection on the young man cloth. more ecko and more south pole,

      • jsnh
      • Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

    also, men's shorts that are not too long!!

      • jsnh
      • Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

    anything in orange!~~

  2. Floral prints that are not to busy

  3. I my daughter loves dresses so Im always on the look out for spring dresses and shoes sandals all on nice spring colors like yellows and bright pinks and greens anything that has a warm tone to it!
    And also t-shirts in BIG sizes, its really hard to find clothes that are BIG AND TALL and that have the same look as the smaller sizes!

  4. Looking for long shorts for petites

  5. More big & tall sizes for summer wear, such as shorts, golf shirts, etc. that are stylish but a bit larger to fit a bigger gentleman.

  6. Summer dresses! They're comfortable and so adorable!

  7. Probably will be looking for summer weight pants since I don't really wear shorts. Also will be checking into Sears eye center when there's a sale.

  8. Sleeveless stylish white shirts that are cool for menopause times. I love colorful scandals and sun hats plus lingerie to match.

  9. I am looking for age appropriate clothing. Why oh why are there no options for someone in their 30's? I can find things my tween would love and things my mom and grandma would love, but NO in between! This goes for practically every store in my area. Very frustrating!

  10. NAVY Sandals!!!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE this spring and no one has professional 2-3" heel sandals that can be worn to work! I have been to JCP, Kohl's, Famous Footwear, Sears, Payless, Target, Super Shoes, etc. and every place has told me that they have a lot of women looking for navy and no one has any such sandals! It would be great to have practical and professional sandals w/a decent heel as I can't wear the stiletto's all day and at my age, that's just not professional. It would be great to have shoes and sandals that cater to middle age professional women who want to look good, but not like they are trying to be too young or too foo-foo!

  11. Items for lawn care, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the outdoors.
    Items to make the inside feel like the outdoors. In addition, to some fabulous new clothes.

  12. Looking for patio furniture

  13. I'm looking for hardy green and flowering plants for my patio. My space is really small and sometimes I get strong winds since I'm on the third floor. Now that spring has sprung I like to add some color to the patio garden, but I prefer perrennals.

  14. Looking for comfort in tees and shorts and kids wear too. My wife is looking for different styles from everyone else. So we choose to shop at sears. Were doing our backyard adding grass. So looking for tools and outdoor stuff. My kids love the outfits which lasts longer.

  15. 1. I would like to see more summer short collections for little girls size 7. My granddaughter is in the in between stage (6 & 7) and I have a hard time finding her size.

    2. I would also like to more color selection in Apostrophe Rosa & Sag Harbor pants. I would like to see some different shades of green.

  16. I'd like to see two things:
    1. More of a selection of cute clothes in the plus size kids 16 1/2 and up
    2. More of a selection for pre-teen girls in the junior's department.

    I have an 11 year old who doesn't fit in kids clothes but is too young for some of the fashions in the junior's department. It makes finding outfits for her extremely difficult.

  17. Spring fashions are bursting out all over the map this season; literally.

    The internet has opened designers up to the world with patterns, textures and colors that incorporate into trending fashion so quickly and easily that buyers can be confident customers will be able to choose a whole spring wardrobe or just one outfit easily.

    It is easy to shop when buyers have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Bright colored pants and even brighter accessories are bursting out everywhere this season.

  18. i am looking for a dress for my 5 year old daughter white &blue combination or dress with spring colour in any brands more flower dresses need in the sears store
    .so we can make spring more colourfull

  19. I would like to see cargo shorts and nice button down shirts. I also like the addition of the knipex line to the tools. Great addition. I would also like to see salomon hiking shoes added, currently they are only available online at select stores and REI. It would be great to find at Sears.

  20. I love Land's End products, and of course Crastsman.

  21. I don;t have any

  22. I enjoy shopping for my family!!!

  23. I enjoy shopping for clothing for my granddaughters, ages 6, 7, and 11 whatever the season may be.

  24. I am looking for sweater sets in bright, light colors.

  25. nice services

  26. I purchased a pair of New Balance Athletic shoes which to my delight were $20 off. The sales associate was most helpful in finding my size for me. I am also coming back to the store to purchase lingerie which they are also having on sale. Keep up the good work Sears - quality and good service at a discounted price. .

  27. skinny jeans in bold colors

  28. New cargo pants in different colors!

  29. shoes--- cork soled high heels and fun colors. Not picky on brands, just style!

  30. This Spring I'm looking for bright, bold prints. I love long sundresses. I'm not concerned with the brand, just the look!

  31. going to buy shorts or capris but need to lose a few ponds first

  32. I am looking for short and long dresses that are one shoulder

  33. I am looking for the bright and beautiful dresses. Also the skirts with the beautiful flowers that aren't too short or too long. I love the nice and comfortable materials.

  34. I was hunting through the clearance racks the other day to find separates that would work for warmer weather. Through all the sweaters and corduroy pants, I managed to find two pairs of Levis cargo pants and a half dozen dressy-ish t-shits in all different colors. Goal! Will go back next week to round out for the season!

  35. I am going to go through my closet and get rid of what I don't wear anymore. Then I will take a trip to Sears to see what they have in the way of my "liking." Sears has such great clothing, and I know I will find some Spring clothing that looks good on me. That's what I am going to do.

  36. I am looking for the new Teva sandels,, I like to get a pair soon.

  37. I am going to look for clothes that complement my figure, and that are comfortable to where, so having this in mind brand names are not to important because even if I buy something from sears there has been no problems in exchanging them in the past. This is probably one of the best reasons I keep coming back for the bargains, because weather I have spent 5 dollars or a hundred dollars the out come has always been the same with sears, they will exchange the item if your not happy with the item.Shoes that don't restrict my feet but look great on, maybe wedges this year with a lower heel I fancy buying for a change to flats.. Jewelry that are priced at a reasonable price as always, but still.look more then I would of payed for them. keep up the good work, I am always spoiled for choice with anything in your different departments, it is always a joy to shop in the sears store.

  38. This year the spring fashion trend I am interested in is "home improvements!" I am looking forward to using my new craftsmen aircompresser and nailer to trim around 6 doors and the floor molding. Sears craftmen tools are dependable and great!

  39. Summer fashions!

  40. just bought a treadmill and i am loving it

  41. swimwear, time to upgrade

  42. Summer sports apparel for boating and casual evening wear would be a very good draw in the months of April and May. Please review your latest catalogue offerings to insure a proper mix of casual and sporting clothing to be worn in the evening in an moderately upscale environment.

  43. Great Blog

  44. Looking at new stoves for spring get togethers,

  45. bright colors and aztec patterns

  46. Looking for something light to wear in the warm summer days that is kind of flowing and colorful.

  47. All of the fun colors and prints for summer and fall! :) Thanks for letting me share!

  48. I was disappointed to find out Women's dresses/Suits were not plentiful as it has been in the past. I could always find a dress or suit in Sears that has good quality and price is right. Please stock more women's dresses/suits. This is for the Savannah, GA store.


  49. Looking for spring and summer wears. any brand sears carries. Also looking at grills and patio items

  50. Since it's going Summer,I'm looking for summer wears of any Sears brand.Outdoor appliances might be good idea to make my Patio looking better.

  51. I'm just happy to see promotions for members only ! GO SEARS ^^, !

  52. I am looking forward for some of the Sears new swimming suits line. And according to fashion trends i love all the new sales that are happening. I went shopping today and i wanted to buy everything, sadly i din't have to much money.

  53. I'm intersted in buying some new summer blouses in floral patterns as well as a few new pairs of shorts and capris.

  54. I would love to find ladies suits made of no wrinkle cotton.

  55. swat style cargo pants. I can never find them unfortunately. I use them to work out in and a lot of people buy them.

  56. I'm looking for comfort, easy go to clothes that look polished but not too stiff. I like bright colors, my fave is fuchsia.

  57. I need new sandals. The sandals I own are more than 10 years old and since I am traveling this summer, I would like a fresh set of sandals.

  58. I am looking for easy knits (jersey), i.e., Apostrophe Women's Knit and similar brands for easy care and travel.

    I plan to travel this summer and easy care items are preferred!

    Thank you.

  59. I'm looking forward to wearing some of the new bright colors. Getting tired of black and beige.

  60. lawn tractor

  61. Wanting to go fishing again! Also really like the Kenmore Elite dishwasher! Stainless steel tub and quiet!

  62. I am looking for colors, styles, and brands that compliment me. I love trying new ones, but I also try and stick with what I know works for me. I love the color teal and also sea green. Shades of red, blue, or green, or even yellow works for me. I like Sears clothing because usually, that is what works well for me.

  63. Bright colors and patterns

  64. Calvin Klein Jeans

  65. Pink and orange mainly

  66. Shirts, Flip-Flops, Big Floppy Hat, and Wife Beater Shirts.

  67. vibrant bright colors, with trends that will look good on me, Im a mother of 3, and dont like to feel like im trying to dress like my teens, or motherly like my mother. I want to see more of the in between "mature' but stylish, clothes and shoes at a great price.

  68. I would have to say dark blue and hot pink and brands would have to be guess, GAP and reiss

  69. I am not really a true fashion fan, but I kind of like the idea of 1980's type clothes making a comeback. It would be pretty neat seeing this younger generation wearing clothes like how the Miami Vice era was put on the map!

  70. hi i am looking forward to getting a neon yellow handbag & also some tangerine orange pants.

  71. Looking for more of the UK brand for men in shorts and shirts, along with Roebuck and Co brand shorts. Having great design releases lately and time to clean the closet out for a better wardrobe.

  72. I have a small patio with a 4' (ish) cement wall on one side with a wrought iron fence of sorts sitting on top of it. It is a complete eyesore, and I am trying to "hide" it. I have been searching for plant hangers etc. that will help make it easier on the eyes. I have searched your catalog and online for something like plant boxes to sit on top of the "fence" and then, perhaps, some other plant containers to hang here and there along it. If I could find a few of these items, I could create something quite nice along the fence which would, along with all of my other flower pots and decor, make my patio wonderful. Maybe you have something I could use, but because I have been so intently I keep overlooking it!! :) I hope so. Would it be possible for you to help me? Thank you for your time.


    Deb Lund

  73. Family ideas for Spring, from clothes to patio layouts. Great time of year for Sears to reach out to the communities and developing neighborhoods. Being a father of 3 kids, we are always interested in kids clothing, and shoes. Water sports start early in Texas!

  74. Brand names you ask for? /...... Well, I just purchased an Electrolux Induction /convection slidein range for my house. This decision was made after investigating numerous brand names including: Wolfe, Kitchen Aide, GE Profile and GE Monogram; Kenmore; Samsung; BlueStar, Bosch, Jenn Air. Electrolux won the race and Sears carried the product. Three cheers for Sears!

  75. Hello, This Spring, I am lookin go for color coordinates for my house and yard including paint, countertops, appliances, foliage and flowers for the yard and "sex appeal". It's goota appeal!

    I am looking for the latest in "going green".

    I am interested in budget friendly for the now and the long term; therefore, I am looking at the newer energy efficent appliances for my kitchen, etc.

  76. I am looking for American made Items only.

  77. Not looking for any.

  78. I need to win to help pay for the riding lawn mower I just ordered

  79. cargo shorts, nice plaid button up shirts. earth tones preferably...

  80. For this spring, I am looking for bright colors for my baby, shorts and Polo shirts make him look cute and handsome, and im having a baby girl this may, i already buy her colorful sets and dresses. I love Sears prices they are great for this spring!

  81. a lot more stuff with more bright colors

  82. I'm looking for tops in bright colors, with diagonal ruffles. Also capris and slacks in white, beige and cantaloupe.

  83. this summer we are going vaction to morocco that's why i will come to sears every week to buy clothes for my kids. the prices are excelent

  84. I buy shoes fairly often so I'm going to continue to check at Sears, because their sales prices and selections are good.

  85. I am looking for some spring/summer capris to wear that fit are attractive and comfortable. I like some of the Lands End fashions, but also love the Kardashian collection.

  86. Looking for lovely spring quilts for the bedroom!

  87. I was looking for a light weight spring suit, so that I could wear to church and use if for showing homes.

  88. Some nice open toe sandles and a new bathing suit.

  89. Looking forward to buying some Land End dresses and starting my summer wardrobe.

  90. I'm always checking Sears for dress clothes such as button up shirts and Dockers pants. They have the brands that I know look good and fit right at the most reasonable prices.

  91. Hi! I'm looking for a clomplete workout equipment, since i lista nearly 46 lbs and need to tone my body, i need a full system that would make me be ready for a bikini!!!!!!

  92. I love Sears clothing because they last and last. I only buy what I really like. This spring will probably go through my closet and get rid of what I don't wear anymore and see what I need to replace then. I don't usually shop by seasons. I just buy whenever I shop. And, honestly, I do shop at Sears and depend on them for quality clothing at affordable prices.

  93. I am planning to refresh my over worn supply of shoes this summer. I would love to see a good selection of larger men's sizes (14) and my favorite brand is Earthshoe. Also, some closed toe sandals.

  94. I'm looking for some navy dress shoes with a low heel.

  95. I love decorating outside with plants, flowers, and special decorations.

  96. When it comes to spring fashion our whole family is ready for levis shorts, polo shirts and cargo shorts... we are ready to shop and enjoy our spring...Thanks Sears

  97. My family and I are in need of some new shoes. Sears always has what we need! :)


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