Spring Planning Survey March 12

SURVEY: We have a question for you!

What prom trends and accessories are your teens looking for this year?

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We will randomly select a winner from all answers to win a $100 Sears gift card!

Challenge closes at 11:59pm on March 25, 2012. See Official Rules Here


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  1. glitz and glammor

  2. way out prom evening bag

  3. nice shoes

  4. Pink and Goth

  5. A jewlery box that was out around christmas time, it was on a pedistal, a oval mirror, and it opened up and it was a jewlery box

  6. shoes

  7. no teens

  8. don't have any teens

  9. I dont have teens..

  10. I need extra deep (21 inch but preferably more) king size sheets and a king sized quilt or comforter. Our bedroom colors are Green Trance and Spearmint and are looking for colors that compliment them. I also need valances for the windows.

  11. Glittery, slinky and shimmering

  12. cheap, cheap, cheap

  13. Something in the 80's look cool and not too expensive!!

  14. Back to the late 80's erly 90's

  15. Big Blouses

  16. Earrings SKINNY JEANS

  17. They seem to be going back to the look of the 80's

  18. I don't have a teen going to prom but if I did I would defiantly be on a budget!

  19. cheap, cheap, cheap

  20. inexspensive blinged out costume jewelry sets

  21. shoes

  22. big and tall sized clothing


  24. The biggest limo they have

  25. Yeahhhh yesss i wanna a win the gift

  26. this doesn't apply to me

  27. not to fancy but yet cost efficient

  28. something cheap but colorful

  29. Not looking forward to prom

  30. A little black dress. All the dresses I have been finding lately are cut at weird angles, too busy or just not flattering.

  31. the big color this year is a coral orange; and it looks good on almost everyone!

  32. grandkids are to young yet

  33. All the grandkids are to young yet

  34. the long gloves

  35. cheap, cheap, cheap

  36. i can pretty much find anything i want on sears.com - it's an awesome site.

  37. Something classy and elegant

  38. None that I know of I have a three year old

  39. Why don't you carry petite sizes in your stores, I bought shorts for my husband, and he liked them.....

  40. none

  41. I would like to see a more fashionable selection of children's clothes. I usually find myself shopping at other large stores for cute girl's clothing. Kmart and sears should expand their horizons when it comes to childrens clothing because people tend to spend more money on their children than they do on themselves. The selection has never been very extensive over the years. I do buy a couple outfits for my daughter here but I would like to see more of a variety so I could purchase an entire season's clothing at one store. When the children don't like anything on the racks in the store it is time to change styles or the product will sit and clearance racks will always be full of unwanted merchandise.

  42. bright colorsa and big bows

  43. need it to be cheap, cheap, cheap

  44. always good prices and selections

  45. Something elegant, sophisticated but at a good price!! At Sears I shop everything I need for her, even her hair done!! I love it

  46. a flattering dress. cute matching jewelary cute but comfortable shoe something to cover her shoulders that will match the dress.

  47. I alwas find what i am looking for being for me, the kids, or the house at affordable prices.

  48. Sears has always had the best fashion for good prices. There has never been a time where I went to a Sears store and didn't find something on a good sale.

  49. shoes

  50. Strapless gowns, sandals w/ heels, lots of Sparkles & BLING !!!

  51. Sequence!

  52. Classic shapes, but with bright colors!

  53. me being a prom goer i looked for a cheap suit and a fun time at the after prom

  54. looking for cheap accesories

  55. girls are looking for short puffy style dresses and flashy big flowers for there hair

  56. cheap, cheap, cheap

  57. love sears.... ;-) best prices ever..

  58. My daughter is petite need to find something that isn't too long and also not to revealing. Also need to have some color but not way out there. This dress would have to be within my budget.

  59. i want to win.

  60. clothes that fit my 3yr old. Everything I buy shrinks really bad.. BUT I do have to say as long as I keep my reciept I have had no problem returning them it just sucks to find clothes that we like and the quality is not what you think.

  61. plate

  62. They just want to beautiful for one night, something that will suck in their stomachs and show them off. The center of the spot light on a limited budget. Hair accessories and bling (jewelery), I have been seeing higher skirt lines and lower tops, not my taste but understandable.

  63. Looking for something nice and conservative. For some reason or another the teens in my circle are going back to the old fashioned sorts of clothing. Strapless, not too tight, pastels with floral designs and just under the knee.
    Also, they seem to want full fitting pumps in a pastel color with matching clutch style purse. Choker style beads, earrings to match.
    They aren't into wearing pantyhose so those are definitely out. :) But the undergarments are very important. Of course with a strapless dress the strapless, a lacy bra is what they want with matching panties.
    Make-up has changed as well. They want just a hint of foundation, very light hint of shadow and mascara and a shade of lipstick to match the colors in the dress.
    They want their hair in an up-do with floral hair accessories.
    That is just about it. I think they will look wonderful and also be very eye catching due to the style of clothing they want to wear.
    Along with really good manners they should knock everyone out especially the boys and I think that is actually what a Prom is all about for a young girl just coming out into the world as a young lady.

  64. Teens seem to want tight, BRIGHT, prom dresses this year; some being full length and others being short. I know a lot of teens also like a lot of sparkle this year as well.

  65. Dont really know dont have any teens yet sons only one.

  66. The Trends being observed at my house seem to be Think Spring

  67. My son intends to wear a top hat and a white tuxedo sporting a cane. He tried it on for me and it looks SO retro. His date can wear any color she chooses because white goes with everything!!! And of course, they have to have the limo to go in. It is a must to arrive in style. I hope he has the time of his life. He has earned it.

  68. Never Won A Thing In My Life But Here Goes LOL

  69. Don't have a clue on what I'm supposed to be commenting on. I was just looking for somewhere to say that points should never expire. Turns me off to shopping at K Marts or Sears.

  70. no

  71. "Understated" necklaces to wear with prom dress, so that dress will be focus of attention

  72. black tux, white shirt, black shoes, Cummerbund and bow tie to match the dress. Cool shades, necklace and earring. Maybe a baseball cap. Definitely cologne.

  73. classy.

  74. Bright colors, long/medium leingh dresses, sleeveless.

  75. off the shoulder on one side, long leeve on the other, classic black... timeless!

  76. watch for my husband

  77. black, tux-like, but cheap, cheap, cheap

  78. Like every generation, teens are trying to discover "themselves" by comparing themselves to their peers. Unfortunately this can be very expensive if they want to "outdo" their peers by showing off at prom.

  79. Thankfully I am not to that point yet with any of my kiddos!! So no prom purchases yet!! But that doesn't stop my 9 almost 10 year old from dreaming...

  80. First time """. Your style is whT you want it o be, not what everyone else says it needs to be

  81. Matching shoes with the earings are the latests trends this year in accessories...

  82. I don't have children at home, but I have a granddaughter who will be prom age next year. She loves looking at dresses now, especially anything in purple.

  83. My daughter is looking lace over satin shoes and handbags.

  84. Bright Jewel tone Dresses with fitted bodices and flowing skirts. As for accessories, lots of sparkle on their bracelets and earings.

  85. nada


  87. black, cheap, tux-like

  88. Sears needs more selections in Womens plus size clothing ,also,tshirts for men and kids that do not have skulls etc on them.

  89. My son was going to purchase a red tie to wear with black trousers and shirt and black shoes with no jacket.

  90. I do not have teens at the moment i stiil have a few years left of sanity....lol....

  91. none

  92. Earrings, Bracelets, Necklace, Anklet, Toe Ring, Gold Sprayon glitter for both the hair and body, and something cute for a hairpiece to go in the hair

  93. The word in our neighborhood from the teens going to the prom this year is to get the most from their money and yet be in fashion. Lots of glittering jewelry and comfortable/sassy shoes.

  94. Eventually my kids will be teens, but not yet!

  95. Don't have teen's in the house, but friends say their teens are tending in the making own dress out of duck tape/ candy wrapers.

  96. I don't have any teens in my house.But if i have teens they would probably look for sandals, purses and dresses.

  97. tux-like, black, cheap

  98. I'm sooooooooooo proud of Zach, He went to prom Friday and he came home with his prom hat on his head. I was so happy that he
    was crowned king I was crying. I have a spinal decease so all winter I'm home bound and I feel so bad for my husband and son having to serve on me and fend for them selves. I'm very depressed mostly all the time but this time my tears were happy and both of them lit up to see me very happy in a long time. I hope I didn't type too much.

  99. dora items

  100. i been looking for a mine refrigerator it that i can't find one at Sears or Kmart


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