Spring Planning Survey March 26

SURVEY: We have a question for you!

What tools and supplies will you be using for your spring lawn care prep and gardening?

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  1. one of those things that dig up the ground. because is so hard to do it by hand

  2. Mulch, Fertilizer, Hoe, Shovel, Tiller, Seeds and Plants, my hard work--LOL, lawnmower, weedeater and a leaf blower. That is what I use. Sears makes it easier to have a great yard and a great garden.

  3. Dig out any weeds. Then use fertilizer and maybe some grass seed if there are any holes. Then we use the lawn mower.

  4. i will give gift card to someone

      • sebg
      • North Charleston, SC

    Because I am allergic to grass and fireants I won't be using ay lawn care gardening tools.I love looking at other people's yards.Some of them are really beautiful.

  5. Let's see. I have my Craftsman 21 inch 7.0 Lawnmower. I have my Craftsman 5 HP Garden Tiller. And we mustent forget my two (2) yes two weed eaters by craftsman. When I get finished working outside I cook in my Sears Microwave and my Sears pots and pans. If ist is cold or even cool outside I wear my outdoor clothing I purchased from Sears. I am a SEARSIOUS team fan.

  6. To keep the pests off of Geraniums- soap mixed w/water works great. Tannic acid from Tea & Coffee keeps Azazales looking great. To keep snails at bay for impatients you can use salt around the beds & there is a snail glue you can pick up at a nursery. It's a white bottle glue like substance & only kills the snails.
    The Corry's Slug bait I wouldn't suggest using. We had a dog once- it was part dog/part wolf and for some reason he jumped the fence and ate it. If you read the box it says: "Certain dogs may be attracted to it." Are dog died, so I'd suggest the salt or glue.
    Cosmos are another favorite of mine. They grow tall and a great beautiful purple color. The seed fall & more are produced. I've also had great luck with a mix of seeds at Sears. One the it produced is a simple sunflower and I pressed it in a book. The marigolds grow great from hanging pots- & produce seeds as well. My rabbit Hazel loved to eat the Marigolds. The Oleander is another favorite of mine, however thou my rabbit was not attracted to eat- their was a case in S.CA where (2) children (young kids) ate the leaves and died.
    I do have the Oleander here growing like a Tree- but it is up high. Another easy one to grow here in S. CA is the Euro Daisy. It is a bright yellow like Daisy flower year around and is very easy to maintain as is my most favorite: The Bird of Paradise.

  7. Craftsman of course! I have nothing but Craftsman tools in my garage, my lawn and garden equipment is no exception!

  8. I wish I had a lawn to take care of. We live in an apartment complex. However, I suppose if I did have a lawn I would probably use a Craftsman 12 amp electric leaf blower and a Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ420C 16-Inch Cordless 24V Reel Mower, amongst other things.

  9. Lawn mower ,weed eater ,weed killer ,chaisaw (clean up some down trees from wind storm) also shopping for a mini fridge

  10. Since I own a Pecan Orchard my list is a little different, I use a Hoe, A Pole Saw, my Chain Saw, A shovel, Wheel Barrel, Pick Up Truck. But since I am planning on installing a lawn, I will now need a Pick Axe, PVC pipe cutter, mulch, grass seed, PVC and Sprinkler Heads.

  11. its cool to use!

  12. We use pretty much everything to do with Lawn and garden....lawn mower, rakes, shovels, mulch, clippers, hedge cutters, and of course the hose to water all of the plants.

  13. A lawn mower is essential. The tools I use most often are my brain (LOL), a tablespoon, pots, mulch, potting soil, hoe, shovel, leaf blower, and good old-fashioned oil greese (hard work, LOL).

  14. A rake, leaf blower, shovel, hoe, mulch. Those are the ones I use.

  15. Rakes,hoes,and potting soils, Sears has it all.

  16. Mower and rake

  17. I plan on getting this to tackle a stubborn bush in the front of my house: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_SPM6590223602P?prdNo=16&blockNo=16&blockType=G16
    Tweeted & following @techtembo888

  18. im going to need a thatching rake the one i had broke last year

  19. We'll be using a Limb N Trim Chainsaw, a rake, a spade, a hoe, a hose, a weedeater and clippers. We have alot of work to do this Spring! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Lawn Mower, Weed Eater, Potting Soil & lots of seeds. :)

  21. I will be using the following an edger, weedeater, mower,hoe,and a spade and hedge trimmers as I am an avid gardener

  22. I'll be using a rake, a shovel and mulch. I will remove my old moldy mulch completely with a rake and then put down new mulch with a shovel and smooth out with rake!

  23. I need a new sprayer for the weed killer, and a leaf blower, too!

  24. Lawn mower and potting soil.

  25. Lawn mower, hedge trimmer, and round up.

  26. My Lawn Mower every weekend my edger and my weed eater I want to satrt a vegetable Garden just some basic herbs and veggies as the prices are ridiculously expensive I love to garden and mow and do all sort of work so please feel free to choose me :)

  27. The tool I desperately need is a pole chain saw. My trees are all overgrown and in need of pruning. If I won the gift card, that's what I would buy! :o)

  28. Tools and supplies that we will need for spring lawn care prep and gardening would be: a small digger to plant some kinds of seeds in a small garden inform of my house, a scissor, and a watering pot. This it what I may want to have because one of my family member, she likes to do gardening. Ok, thank you for reading!

  29. Essentially the general tools needed would be: trowel, hoe, shovel, wheel barrel,pik, utility bucket,sprinkler devices, hoses and varied rake styles. But, more importantly, tool selection will depend on whether you are doing garden work, or lawn preparation, or redesign of area to be more functional say for porch extension or placement of a water fall item. Best to have a tiller around to prepare a large area and a mower (which is a tool by the way) to get area into shape. Time also must be considered and your health, plus the present weather conditions upon which you will be working in. The one tool that would be considered essential by me--the hose and having proper length. Why a hose over all other devices-once all the other tools have been utilized, hours of back breaking endurance for the work, to see the fruits of ones work- 'watering' makes it all happen and provides a sort of satisfaction to visually observe hoe bautiful the area now looks like.

  30. I will be using my Craftsman Garden Tractor, Craftsman Dethatcher, Craftsman String Trimmer, and my Craftsman Plug Aerator for all of my spring cleanup / lawn care this year.

  31. My green thumbs God gave me are the first tools I wlll utilize in my spring gardening! I live in an apartment so there isn't much room to store lots of tools; however, small rakes and hand held gardening tools are a must!

  32. I have been using all my sears tools. I have made post holes using my post hold digger. I am working on retransplamting twomoak trees this fall to my bac around using the sears tools at my disposl. I have use the Preminger shers asnwell so far this year

  33. Hoes and hoses,bushes of roses. Leaf rakes and garden stakes. New weeders, cute bird feeders. My mower and edger,snippers,clippers and hedger. Little diggers (salve for chiggers). Pads for my knees and a pruner for trees. Gloves for my hands, hats for my head; seeds and bulbs for my flower bed. A cold lemonade, a rest in the shade. Then a prayer for some rain, and a balm for my pain.

  34. I will be using a weed hacker,hoe, rack and shovel to clean out deed grass and weed and then ork the soil to add fertilizer and grass seed. Time to change out the seasonal plants and trim the trees with shears and a lopper.

  35. I will be using my lawn mower, hedge trimmer, weed eater, and edge trimmer for my spring lawn prep. I will be trimming all the hedges, weeding all the flower beds, and replacing all mulch.

  36. I'm thinking of skipping spring lawn work and starting a new one in the fall.

  37. I plan to aerate and spread seed on the lawn. Then use a lawn mower and weed killer sprayer to maintain the lawn. As for gardening I will need a new hand shovel, and plant stakes so my plants grow straight up.

  38. I'll be using a lawnmower, weedeater, and hand tools like spades and shovels to keep up my 1 acre + yard. I've made a rock garden and planted different flowers around a bird bath. I use a long hose to water plants, but on my most wanted list is a pressure washer to wash my siding and fence.

  39. My kids just did our flowers, but I am hoping to get a new hose attachment for spraying and my husband really needs a new gas blower, though he says he can get by without it :) We do plan to use a pick kind of thing that has one flat end to find some rocks to make a path in the grass to keep everyone in the house from killing the grass there.

  40. i will not be useing any. i am too old and not healthy enough to do yard work anymore

  41. I will be using my Craftsman Calendar coupons to buy me some new Craftsman shovels, rakes, & hoes. Then I am looking at a new weed trimmer. I may have to give the Nextec yard tools a try. Some of my buddies have used them and seem to like them pretty well. We usually plant a garden but have a bad drought, so we are looking at drip irrigation this season to help the plants grow with minimal water use.

  42. i live in a apartment now so i dont do a yard any more.i can grow something in a potted plant on the patio.

  43. I live in an apartment so unfortunately I don't have much space for gardening but I do grow my own plants so I'll be using shovels, pots and miscellaneous tools around the apartment. Nothing big or fancy though. :)

  44. Since I don't have a garden I am not going to be using gardening tools but I will use vacum cleaner to clean my home.

  45. I'm not the lawn care person in my family, but I can tell you my husband is currently in the market for a weed eater and ant and grub killer. The neighborhood armadillo is having a field day (night) digging holes in our yard and the neighbor's yard.

  46. I live in an apartment and have no lawn, but I have many Craftsman tools and find them to be the best around.

  47. I usually use hoes, shovels, and long hoses to water my plants.

  48. I'll be using: rake, shovel, hammer and nails (building a new raised bed), trowel, hose, mulch, mower, pruning shears and trimmer.

  49. To go along with my new Craftsman Lawn Tractor (that i really like) i will be purchasing a metal cart to tow behind it that will allow me to move things around in my yard a lot easier. Right now they are on sale at sears, so i will get it tomorrow.

  50. I need to purchase a rottertiller , because I would like to plant a garden and a few trees this year

  51. We are building raised beds so hammer, nails, shovels

  52. I use a Shindaiwa Trimmer a rake,a grass blower and of course my hands to remove the bad grass. To an easy and better care, I just use a Gardener.

  53. I am using a fertilizer spreader, rake, shovel and a hose

  54. I need some good quality fertilizer, and some soil additives to make my garden more willing to grow. I could use a few more hand tools to make my job easier. What I really want is a nice comfortable lounge chair to rest in when I am finished!

  55. Pushmower, weedeater, edger, leaf (grass) blower.

  56. shovel, hoe, rake, thats about it. i dont have any fancy motorized things

  57. I need some rocks to line the front of my yard and some gardening and seeds tools to start my garden!

  58. oops, I meant weed trimmer

  59. My week trimmer, lawn mower, electric pruning saw, and sprinkler

  60. Lawn mower, sprinkler, rake, weed eater and gloves

  61. My Craftsman trimmer is my top tool. Mainly because I can use various attachments which have saved lots of money because I don't have to buy full separate tools.

  62. lawn mower, rake, clippers

  63. My husband

  64. lawn mower, hedger, spade, tiller, sprinklers, and MORE!!

  65. A NOOSE! If I have to use the tools I have!

  66. garden weasel, rake, shovel,, hoe and lawn mower and my hands

  67. My rotating sprinkler keeps my lawn looking nice & green! Also helps keep the kids cool in the warm weather!

  68. Lawn mower, Rake, Weed eater, Seed, and lots of time and energy..

  69. http://www.mysears.com/ just the basics, hand tools for planting, rake, mower, weed trimmer & edger..

  70. A rototiller would be great to start my veggie garden!

  71. My craftsman ride on mower and lawn sweeper, for sure!

  72. I need a thatching rake by the looks of my lawn ..not looking forward to it LOL

  73. lawn mower, sweeper, rake, weed eater and good olf fashioned elbow grease!

  74. very simple items...good pair of gloves, hand rake and spade and rose food...makes me a beautiful rose garden for city living!

  75. Lawn mower, rake, broom, pressure washer, bags, bins. hand gardening tools

  76. My Craftsman electric hedge trimmers even though dragging around a power cord is a pain in the butt those things make short work of the hedge. Of course then I will bust out a rake to clean up the mess made and hope that when the clippings settle my hedges are straight.

  77. My husband will be using his tiller! He works so hard trying to make our yard look nice and the garden grow. Thanks for your help!

  78. shovel, lawnmower, weed wacker, tiller

  79. My Craftsman Mower, my edger, pruning shears, broadcast spreader for fertilizer.

  80. I'm going to look for pots for a small garden. Not everybody has abundent space and it would be nice to see things for a small patio or balcony.

  81. We will be redoing our plant beds
    . We will be using lawn edger to install edging around all beds as well as adding mulch and new plants.

  82. I recently purchased a zero turn as well as a tractor and I am enjoying life. The mulching kits are awesome and helps eliminate raking and bagging... Thanks Sears!

  83. I will be using a law mower, edger , rake, roto tiller, chemical sprayer
    To complete lawn work!!!! Ahhh but then when finished its certainly t
    Time to throw the ribeyes on that me more grill!!!! What do ya think? Would you like to come help with the yard work? It would be great
    After sitting on outdoor furniture enjoying a great meal!!! I just love
    Sears!!!!!!! God Bless , hope everyone has a great spring and summer

  84. Lawn mower, Trimmer, Blower, polesaw atachment for trimmer, chemical sprayer, fertilizer spreader, rakes, and a tiller. Does up the flower beds and the garden and treats the lawn

  85. Lawn mower, pole saw, weed eater and fertilizer.

  86. a lawn mower

  87. The usual, rake,lawn mower, weed eater, landscaping fabric, decorative rocks, mulch, and some flowers and plant food.

  88. I am planning to use a weed eater, a lawn mower, fertilizer, and a shovel. I will be planting some new spring flowers just in time for Easter. I will also be putting up a new fence, and will be buying some Craftsman tools to assist me.

  89. We just bought a house and basically need to buy everything - lawn tractor, weed eater, tiller, the list never ends!!

  90. I'm planning to pickup the blower attachment for the craftsman trimmer and possibly the tiller too.

      • RVS
      • Black River, NY

    Walk behind spreader (need to use a grub reduction product and a good fertlizer and weed control, composter, garden fork, and roller.

  91. I need a new yard cart!

  92. I've been using my Craftsman mattock axe like crazy since I got it. It's so light but does heavy work.

  93. For gardening, our Craftsman garden tractor to chop up the leftovers and the Troy-Bilt tiller to till it all in and prepare the soil.
    For the lawn, will go over it with the Craftsman garden tractor, re-cutting to leave the clippings on the lawn.

  94. I NEED a new tiller....say again I NEED a new tiller.

  95. My hubby needs a new lawn tractor his stopped working last week!

  96. We have a 2 acre garden. The basics + a new tiller would be awesome :)

  97. Good good Gloves

  98. we really need to remove moss from our yard this year, so we'll be looking for a product for that!


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