Spring Planning Survey May 21

SURVEY: We have a question for you!

What pet supplies have you been searching for?

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We will randomly select a winner from all answers to win a $100 Sears gift card!

Challenge closes at 11:59pm on June 3, 2012. See Official Rules Here


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  1. I have tropical fish and want a custom fish tank. Can I get that from sears?

    1. In response to MrGonzo

      Or perhaps just a custom fish bowl.

  2. What's the best type of cat.

    1. In response to SophmoreKarl

      My girlfriend wants a tabby, but i think a sphinx will be less mess.

    2. In response to SophmoreKarl

      Or maybe a turtle is better...

  3. And a way to repair my furniture :)

  4. Self cleaning litter box

  5. food

  6. scratching post

  7. I have actually been searching for the PET. ha ha We want a baby pug.

  8. Kitten mittens

    1. In response to Ushpa


  9. a cat tree

  10. A new bed for my dog

  11. cat furniture

  12. My cat passed away. Am I now disqualified?

    1. In response to sunncheria

      Why would that disqualify you?

  13. brushes

  14. Toe-nail clippers for dummies.

  15. arthritis vitamins for my dog.

  16. A dog treat that my super allergic dog can eat.

  17. I have been searching for a pet costume/Halloween costume for my Great Dane. I can't seem to find one big enough for him anywhere, he weighs 120 pounds and I'm never able to find this item anywhere for him.

  18. Food my dog will actually eat and like

  19. flea medication

  20. im looking for a new dog bed

  21. one of those self-cleaning litter boxes

    1. In response to californiaboi

      I had one before. They're more work than they're worth.

  22. The house ate my dogs favorite squeeky toy - so I either have to find it OR buy another!

  23. I have to agree - flea medicine is our need too. What a terrible year for these pests.

  24. Flea and tick medicine

  25. pet shampoo

  26. flea control

  27. worm medication

  28. Nyla Bones. Having huge trouble finding them lately.

  29. litter box

  30. What will my cats eat? I always guess wrong. Can we make them dogs at mealtime?

  31. Flea eradication goods.

  32. flea control

  33. dog collar

  34. pet shampoo

  35. New toys

  36. cat tower

  37. Flea remedy

  38. dental bones

  39. We're always looking for a better cat litter box.

  40. A UFC Dog Collar and Leash

  41. scratching post

  42. Me too!

  43. cat food and litter. Bird seed for finches and Poop Off for cage cleaning.

  44. canned dog food

  45. A new tank for my turtle with all the things he needs, light, heat lamp

  46. Its the band called "yums yums" cat treats i cant seem to find them anymore?

  47. poop bags

  48. Just cat food

  49. cat litter

  50. The Pet Supplies I've been searching for,
    include, but are not limited to, a Pooper Scooper,
    a Scratching Post, Rawhide, a Harness, Leash,
    Bird Food, Sweater, Dog Collar, to name a few.

  51. A good buy on flea prevention products.

  52. cat toys and a bird bath for outside

  53. no pets

  54. A halter.

  55. no pets

  56. The dog food called blue

  57. cat toys

  58. none I don't have a pet

  59. I need to get rid of cat fur!

  60. cat toys

  61. My biggest concern right now for my pet is finding something that actually works to keep the fleas and ticks off my dog. He love to run and play in the field so I spend hours combing him and picking off ticks. What he really needs is a live in groomer besides me!! LOL

  62. whoohoo

  63. dog bowls

  64. CAT FOOD

  65. dog house

  66. I need a new cage for my puppy and toys for him

  67. cat food

  68. dog bones

  69. I have been searching for a dog bed for my 3 year old doxie as well as a good grooming brush

  70. dog treats

  71. Gotta get my dog a new pool... she loves the water.

  72. Some kind of toy that keeps a VERY active dog quiet for a long time. We have KONGS and other things but this young dog needs more!

    1. In response to tracy2468

      What are Kongs?

  73. An easy to use dog shampoo that keeps him fresh a long time.

  74. low price, high nutrition dog food

  75. dog beds

  76. I appear to be too late but other than the basic supplies Ive been searching for a large crate for my dog ( but not urgently)

  77. cat toys

  78. Grain free food

  79. Looking to buy a new collar for my dog.

  80. NONE

  81. My daughter has 2 boxer's. I am looking for dog bed that is big enough for them to be able to curl up in.

  82. She needs a warmer place to sleep and be pampered.

  83. My dog has bad breath I've been lookin for dentabone

  84. A leach that you put over a dog head, our dog don't like dog collars.

  85. cat breath mints, my cats breath smells like cat food

  86. A laser light mouse for my seale point Siamese cat

  87. Wireless fence for my dog who will not stay out of the road.

  88. Air pump for 2 fish tanks

  89. Toys that my dog will not destroy a few days after I buy them!

  90. dog food

  91. I need something to help my cat stop wheezing! He sounds like he has asthma

  92. beneful dog food. Maybe a new out leash.

  93. Cat food


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