The Art of Windows

/Just a couple of years ago, I thought that windows were just that – windows, and that they were all the same. I also thought that windows were all built pretty much the same. Boy, was I wrong. Not all windows are equal. You have your regular windows and then you have your energy saving windows. At Sears, our windows have some of the highest efficiency ratings on the market. Our windows are available in vinyl, which makes it easy for installation and renovation. Not only does Sears provide windows, we also provide an extra bit of flare with numerous options such as: variety of window grids, trims, and other features

Since our windows are vinyl, they require very little maintenance. Special technology is used in the creation of Sears’ windows, in that water spreads when it touches the windows, which will ultimately prevents water from gathering on windows like it commonly does. Using the same technology, dirt does not form spots on the windows either because the dirt residue easily falls off.

Sears windows can provide you with an energy efficient home that will greatly help in making your home more aesthetically pleasing while also cutting costs on your heating and cooling bills. Sears windows are designed specifically for durability, performance, and appearance which cannot be matched.

The Installation Process 

For those not familiar with the Sears Home Improvement process, these are the steps that are taken, after an appointment for custom windows is made:

A project coordinator visits your home, goes over all of the options, and helps you decide the best windows for your home. We measure all of the windows and report the sizes to the office immediately. The job is then reviewed by different departments, to ensure that everything is correct. Another appointment is scheduled with you to have a different installer re-measure all the windows to ensure that we have the correct measurements. At the same time, Sears goes to your local courthouse and acquires all of the permits needed to complete the installation of your new beautiful windows. Once the permitting is complete, materials are ordered, and expedited.

Your new custom windows are manufactured, and when they are complete an appointment is scheduled with you so we can start the installation. While we are installing your new custom windows, there are ongoing inspections to ensure the job is done to perfection. The whole installation process on an average sized home takes about two days.

When your windows are in, and the final inspection is done by Sears and by you, we find that we have another satisfied customer. You will enjoy the beautiful look that Sears windows has given to your home and you will also save a great deal of money in heating and cooling costs.

Pedro |  Sears Home Services–Appointment Center

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