The hottest Springtime look is through your window panes!

As we say farewell to those gloomy winter days, what better time to freshen up your home design than with a lovely window look?  Better enjoy that springtime sunshine with these easy tips:

Layers aren’t just for the winter – Don’t worry – we don’t want you to break out the long underwear again!  Instead, re-visit your window coverings to see how you can fashionably (and functionally) layer different treatments for a great look that is perfect for any home décor.

Soften those aluminum blinds (functional, but not always perfect for a feminine bedroom or living area) by hanging a nice flowing set of drapes over them.  Give your old window curtains an updated appearance by hanging a set of sheer drapes underneath them to give you extra privacy during the day and a romantic look to boot!   Pair a set of woven wood shades over a nice insulating cellular shade that you can keep lowered or raised depending on the weather.

Use nature’s light to your advantage – Just like you wouldn’t leave your lights turned on all day while you’re at work or running errands, pay attention to what your window coverings are doing while you’re out and about too.  Lower your energy bill by closing your window shades during the day to keep your AC costs down or enjoy a few more minutes of dusk time sunlight by keeping your shades open a bit longer.  Light filtering shades are perfect when you want that natural light, but are looking for extra daytime privacy.  Every little bit helps, so soak in (or block out) the sunshine as it works for you!

Windows love a good Spring cleaning – Freshen up your room’s lighting the way Mother Nature intended with a quick window cleaning.  Keep it eco-friendly (and budget friendly) by re-using old soft cleaning cloths or newspaper and making your own homemade window cleaner with ½ teaspoon liquid soap, ¼ cup vinegar and 2 cups of water shaken up in a spray bottle.

Be generous and green with your old window treatments – Have you recently replaced your window coverings and don’t know what to do with your old blinds or shades?  There are many fantastic nonprofits that build and renovate homes – and many local organizations that could use them in their offices, classrooms or housing.  Search for the nearest Habitat for Humanity or other great community group and see if they can find a second life for your window treatments, even after you’ve sprung into Spring with your fresh window look.

Have you welcomed in the Spring in a cool way this year?


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