The Second Dishwasher

Have you dreamed of having two dishwashers in your kitchen? Has it even been on your radar? For the vast majority of kitchens I’ve designed over the years, one dishwasher was certainly typical. With the march toward bigger refrigerators, bigger ovens and more appliances, the dishwasher and how we think of it and use it surely had to evolve, and it has!

A major factor toward the adoption of a second dishwasher is the open plan kitchen. When cooking up a storm, let’s face it, all of the constant stream of dishes and cooking equipment cannot make it into a single dishwasher…yet, we want the kitchen to remain tidy, especially when entertaining and especially when the space is wide open to other rooms. For this reason, the second dishwasher can be, if not literally a lifesaver(!), a convenience.

A very busy household may use dishwashers alternately as storage for dishes, glasses and utensils. A constant back and forth, in and out of items in two separate dishwashers allows us to essentially use a second (and a first) dishwasher for storage. It’s hard not to argue with the ease of taking out the items you need all from one place. Over the course of a very busy cooking day, moving into evening entertaining, alternating dishwashers will keep it all flowing.

What I love is the variety of dishwasher configurations available to us today. From 18″ portable dishwashers to double dishwasher drawers to a single dishwasher drawer, it’s all about flexibility.

A single dishwasher drawer can be completely hidden from view via a custom front panel but it can go into service on an island, in a bar or entertaining area in any room. A second sink situated next to the dishwasher makes for an instant clean up station, perfect to lighten the cleaning load.

A “dishwasher and a half” just might be the answer to many lifestyle scenarios. Especially in a smaller household, but with a passionate chef and frequent entertainer, one may not need two full size dishwashers as a rule, but 1 1/2 dishwashers (a full size and a dishwasher drawer or a portable) just may do the trick.

Think carefully about your lifestyle and visualize if you’ve experienced real frustrations when it’s time to clean up, or if you wish to have all of the remnants of the cooking process completely removed as quickly as possible and what exactly is the frequency of too many items for the dishwasher? A second dishwasher may be right for your lifestyle.

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