Things You Can Do for Dad on Father’s Day

Father's-Day-cardby Janet Grischy

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are homemade and one of a kind. The present you give your dad doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but it should show him how special you think he is.

Help bake a cake or buy one, and decorate it with “DAD” spelled out in big letters. Set out his favorite snacks and give him a card or poem with a message you wrote yourself.

Gifts for dad

A poem doesn’t have to rhyme. Write the letters of his name or the word “dad” so they make a column down one side of a piece of paper. Then, make each letter the first letter of a sentence about your dad. For example, you can write something like:

Daddy dear we want to say
A verse for you on Father’s Day
Dear dad we love you best.

Fishing-rodYou don’t have to use DAD for your first letters; you can use FATHER or PAPA, or even LOVE. Write your poem on scratch paper, and then carefully copy it onto construction paper or card stock. You can make the first letter of each line big and bright with markers, or you can cut out the first letters with a different color of paper and glue them on so they stand out.

Another handmade gift could be a picture book of what your dad does each day. You could have a picture of your dad going to work, and then a picture of what he does all day, followed by a picture of him driving home and a picture of him hugging his family and smiling.

You could make four pictures and staple them together, or you could fold a sheet of paper into quarters and draw or paste on four pictures to look almost like a comic strip.

More kids’ gifts to dad

Sun-hatDecorate the family room for his day in a way he’ll appreciate. If he likes to go fishing, color and cut out giant fish, and hang them from strings. Then, set a new fishing rod where he’ll find it.

If he likes sports, make paper footballs and helmets, or basketballs, baseballs and bats, or stuff from whatever game he likes best. Include a gift that matches his sport. If your dad likes gardening, make him a paper scarecrow, and put new gardening gloves or a sun hat on it. If he cooks, make a restaurant sign and get him a new cookbook.


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