Three Reasons for Replacing Your Pillows

Cannon Euro PillowDid you know you should replace your pillows every six months to two years?  While its exact lifespan depends on the quality of the pillow (higher quality lasts longer), here are a few reasons why you should replace sooner rather than later:

1. Internal fibers break down.

  • A cheaper pillow with low quality fill will break down faster
  • The pillow loses its structure and becomes flat
  • The pillow becomes less supportive of the head and neck

2. The foam or batting becomes lumpy and distorted with use.

  • The pillow needs constant punching and fluffing to even out the fill
  • The pillow fails to spring back after fluffing or fails to maintain support

3. Changing the pillow may have significant impact on one’s health.

  • A flat pillow can contribute to sleep apnea, snoring, headaches, back pain, neck cramps and bad posture
  • Replacing the pillow is a good hygienic practice (just as one would change a toothbrush)
  • Hair, skin, makeup and body oils will soak into the pillow with use
  • Pillows become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria and allergens

Eco Friendly PillowRecommendations

If you’re looking for some new pillow recommendations, our technical designers suggest the Cannon Euro pillow at Sears. The content is a poly microfiber with a polyester fill, and it’s only $9.99 on sale.

If allergies are a problem, try our Dream Solutions Eco Friendly pillow made from recycled bottles and unbleached natural cotton.  The fill is hypoallergenic. A tip: if you are experiencing headaches in the morning most likely you have some allergy to dust mites.

We always say, “You can never have enough pillows on your bed.” So if you need some inspiration on how to make the perfect bed, check out the following video:


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