Top 5 Reasons to Use Surge Protectors

Woman-watching-TVIf you’re like most people, you probably think of surge protectors simply as “power strips,” and only pick one up when you need extra plugs for your electrical devices. Surge protectors’ more important function, however, is to protect your equipment in case of a power surge or lighting strike.

Surge protectors actually can serve quite a few different roles. Here are five great reasons why you should use a surge protector for virtually every device you plug into a wall outlet.

Surge-protector1: Protect electronics and small appliances from power surges. Even if you only have a single gadget plugged into a surge protector, using one is still worthwhile if it protects an expensive piece of equipment from failure due to a power fluctuation. Surge protectors are designed to turn off, flip circuit breakers or die in place of your expensive electronics and small appliances in case of a surge. Whether a surge protector dies or not after a power surge depends on the surge’s severity.

2. Turn off devices to save money. A surge protector makes it extremely easy to turn off your routers, modems, monitors, TVs and other electronics when you go on vacation. Doing so not only saves you a little cash in electricity, it also protects your equipment even better than when the surge protector is on.

3. Protect yourself from electrical fires. Electrical fires can start when a piece of equipment malfunctions and starts drawing more power than usual. A surge protector will flip its internal breaker long before the circuit breaker in your garage or basement flips, preventing potential electrical fires before they start. A surge protector is far cheaper than your insurance deductible, and it can help protect keepsakes that are irreplaceable at any price.

Surge-protector4. Protect your phone, Internet and cable lines. Some surge protectors, like the Monster Cable PowerCenter 8-Outlet Surge Protector, shown at right, include built-in protection for phone, Internet and cable lines. All of these types of connections are just as susceptible to lightning strikes as your power lines. If you don’t run them through a surge protector, you’ll be vulnerable to damage from a power surge.

5. Create additional outlets. Although many of the reasons to use surge protectors deal with their ability to help protect both your electronics and your home, they’re also useful in a less dramatic, but still very helpful way: by simply giving you more outlets. Make sure you know how much power each item draws so you don’t overload your circuits. If a breaker flips and nothing’s malfunctioning, you’ll know you need to plug some of your items in elsewhere.


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      • San Jose, CA

    We have a brand new treadmill a coming in a few weeks and there is a 900 joule Surge Protector just waiting for it.

    That computer control console on the machine is sensitive to surges, just like the plug in the wall entertainment and computer equipment is.

    Replacement panels can be quite EXPENSIVE, too.


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